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    Tom Reilly

    She will be much missed.

  2. 2


    Not shocking given how little Brookhaven cares about saving our forests.

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    Sally Eppstein

    Good luck Kay, I hope Decatur will be a good move for you.
    See you soon around trees I am sure.

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    Mike Hassinger

    I never comment on the BH Post. But I have to say that Kay worked hard for the city, and that many (thought not all) of the commenters here crapped on her without mercy or justification. Decatur’s win is Brookhaven’s loss, and that’s a little bit of a shame, because I only want y’all to succeed. Good luck replacing Kay -it won’t be easy.

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    The fact that Decatur offered her a job should tell you everything you need to know about this arborist, Decatur wont stand for lackluster and her leaving is our loss as a city. Everyone who knocked a woman they didnt even know for following the ordinances not set by her should be ashamed of themselves. Good luck Kay!

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    What exactly are you doing to save the forest Ellen? Are you buying property and deeding a trust to the city? How many trees in public areas have you planted this year? Don’t worry, I know the answer to these questions.

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    Babs you are so bitter! Take a chill pill. I actually spent most of last weekend painting trees. Sorry you are so bitter hon!

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    Frank McCloskey

    Kay, best of luck to you and thank you for trying to do all you could do.

  9. 9


    What tree ordinances does Decatur have? None that I can see.

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    A city does not need a W2 arborist. This should be subbed out to a contractor as needed.

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    A sad day indeed

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