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    Thomas Porter

    I know Mr. Song worked hard, and, that he is intelligent, however, I have long believed that his idea of what Brookhaven should become did not protect what Brookhaven is, nor did they value the opinions shared by most residents.
    We ARE NOT EQUIPPED to deal with and administer the proposed developments in Brookhaven including MARTA.

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    Ben, thanks for working with me to locate information and help me understand the workings of your department. I know it was not a picnic the past few months and you have always been professional and accommodating. Good Luck to you in the future.

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    Ellen McDermitt

    I will be sorry to see Mr. Song go. He was in a no win situation with an error laden DeKalb code and goalposts that continued to move constantly, I think he did the best he could do with what he had. Thank you Ben for your service and I wish you the best moving forward.

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    James Pendergrast

    Thanks Ben. Best of luck in the future.

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    Larry Turner

    Please take me with you. This place is nuts. Thanks. Best.

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    Well said

    Well said Mr. Porter. Hopefully whoever takes over the new position will really respect what the current citizens want and not all the thousand of people who could live here. We do not have to be Buckhead….

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    Tom Reilly

    You will be sorely missed, Ben. Much luck to you in the future.

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    Correction, please

    Actually, Ellen, the errors and moving goal posts started with Brookhaven adopting a non-existent zoning map courtesy of our first city manager. Did you really forget all that and the legal issues that ensued? Things bad tend to happen when you don’t ask for an official zoning map from the county when you are forming a new city. At some point Brookhaven has to be responsible for its own mistakes.

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    Easy Rider

    Ben recently took time to meet with a small group of homeowners early one evening regarding the overlay district. While I didn’t agree with everything he explained, I appreciated that he was working well outside normal government 9-5 hrs.& took the time to meet us. Based on his resignation letter these late hrs. weren’t an exception & might serve as a wake-up call for residents to consider reasonable solutions. As a new city, split off from screwed-up DeKalb county, we have many issues & should value our public servants.

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    I am sure his new employer is thrilled he doesnt plan on doing any out of hours work and took the job for the 9-5.

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    Brittany Mother

    You want to see screwed up? Stick around Brookhaven for a while. If the right replacement for Ben isn’t made you might wish your property was still in unincorporated DeKalb. I’m not saying Ben was that great but I do know there are government employee horror stories.

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    Like you attend all of the scheduled Brookhaven city meetings? I dont care for Ben one bit. But you have to appreciate someone that fulfills his day job and makes all of the monthly meetings that require his presence. There is a balance between work and family, apparently this specific position with Brookhaven and the citizens he had to deal with were just too much. Do you really blame him?

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    Brookhaven Bob

    I wonder if his former boss, Mrs. Canon is the one who hired him in Gwinnett…

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    I like Ben and I don’t blame him, merely pointing out that employers today do NOT respect work/life balance. I don’t go to the meetings because I am working.

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    Hunter Burke

    That seems likely, the revolving door churn of mediocre government employees through all the local governments. That is how Brookhaven was started with Marie Garrett and her regime including Canon & Song and others.

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    Eddie E.

    Does this mean we can hire two qualified professionals that live in the city and aren’t encumbered by any pre-existing fantasies of becoming part of a new county?

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    Thank you Ben for your hard work and diligence in dealing with the myriad of issues and people’s opinions here in Brookhaven. Many who criticize you have never worked in government and do not recognize you work at the pleasure of our City manager, Council, and Mayor. Seems we/they have created a revolving door of key representatives in our decision making, which toughens the job even more. While you always made yourself available, you also answered questions professionally and accurately; the answers lasted beyond further examination and whining.
    Best of luck for you and yours in addressing your new endeavors!

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