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    Meagan really left a bad taste in my mouth last night.

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    Preach it sista!

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    If you are going to pre-write a piece about the debate, you should probably edit it afterwards to reflect reality.

    The claim of “political sniping” is utterly ridiculous. Meagan on TWO occasions drew direct contrasts with her opponent. There wasn’t even remotely aggressive language associated with either. If you can’t handle direct contrasts, you probably shouldn’t follow politics. The rest of us appreciate a candidate who points out the differences.

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    The fact that he opposed that ridiculous “religious freedom” act was all I needed for him to get my support.

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    They go low, we go high. Way to go Taylor for not getting down in the gutter with Megan.

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    P Dungus

    First person to 25 votes wins

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    Stink Bug

    One of Hanson’s flyers helped me kill a stink bug at the mailbox this week so her campaign won that fight.

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    I also attended the debate and while Taylor started slow, he withstood the comments by Megan. I found it interesting that Megan is against expanding Medicare due to federal red tape, but is willing to accept Federal transportation dollars ……with all their red tape! She criticized him for not introducing more legislation as a partial term House member. I guess she does not remember the story of a freshman Republican House member who did that a few years ago….and had his ……butt handed to him by the Repub hierarchy for doing so! (he stumbled out of the blocks and fell on his face.)

    Taylor took the “bull by the horns” in setting up a meeting with GDOT, ARC and COB reps in understanding that Brookhaven cannot afford to take on all our transportation needs and costs by themselves. Creating initial dialogue and further coordination is what is needed to address transportation improvements quickly, since we have many issues needing to be addressed.

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