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    Great information! Thank you

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    Mary Ellen Layden

    I agree, Jennifer. There’s so much information out there…and knowing where to go to get it allows everyone to check things out on their schedule…Thanks, Trey. Keep up the good work.

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    Are you the lady that stood up and asked the mayor and council to approve the MARTA development in it’s current state Tuesday night?

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    Yep, fan of the overlay, BPCA and Chamber of Commerce member.

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    Mary Ellen Layden

    I am that lady, Gregg…and what a mistake I made! My intent was to recommend deferral….not approval! That’s what happens when a 3 minute input changes to 24 seconds! Very embarrassing.

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    Mary Ellen Layden

    Kelly – I am no longer a staff member of the Chamber of Commerce.

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