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    What happened to all the sidewalks approved last year for Ashford Park on Caldwell
    and in the Ashford Park area??? The City is putting their residents in danger with the increasing traffic and little to no sidewalks. Sidewalks should be a number one priority in Ashford Park where there is so much walking to the local restaurants and the potential Marta development with 7000 cars round the corner?? C’mon city council study those stats for progressive City’s. City of Atlanta is doing a far better job than Brookhaven. Wake up before people get hurt.

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    So half of e Roxboro will now have sidewalk on both sides and half will have no sidewalk at all. Keep up the great decisions guys!

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    Easy Rider

    The city approved and provided detailed plans for sidewalks in Ashford Park over a year ago. I think you raise a good question. What is the delay? The community has done excellent job fighting density, but eventually we will settle for at least some development. This will add traffic on cut-through streets and sidewalks are crucial.

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