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    Looks great.

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    Why does every development these days have to have apartments?
    Can’t a mixed use occasionally just be owner occupied townhomes and condos with a good blend of live/work/office lofts, restaurants /retail and rolling green meadows?
    Would it really put developers in the poor house if they broke the mold?

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    Thomas Porter

    This absolutely should be a do-over… different developers, different property, completely different site plan & land usage… and… no public meetings that I heard about.
    Plus, a reasonable chance for the citizens to have a new/better code in-place! Deny, let them start over as is correct, give everyone a chance at a better city.

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    Tracey Briggs

    “The top floor will be stepped back, a design component intended to reduce the “monolithic” feel, which Connolly says will disappear from most sight angles and also provide a premium larger unit with an enhanced outdoor patio.”

    Lose the 5th floor, step back the 4th and I’m all in. Otherwise can we rename Dresden to Apartment Tunnel Drive?

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    Cut 19 apartment units off, done deal. Neighborhood will support 35. Not 45 (even though they said they would in the beginning). It’s a good plan. 35 units per acre, great plan. Love Scotts restaurant plan. Love it.

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    and….why does every development these days have a parking deck? 420 spaces! There are no where near that many spaces at that location now. density, density, density….

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    Eddie E.

    It would require the developers actually take some risk and provide a product that was of value to the surrounding area as opposed to let the bank take the risk and shove it into the lap of the community.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    They are a good bit short of qualifying for a 5th story. In sub area II of the overlay, the only options they have to get the 5th story reward is:

    provide for sale workforce housing that totals 20% of the total units in the development 27-1383(g)(6)a,

    or provide “contiguous” public open space that compromises 25% of the development parcel. Sidewalks along roads and public parking do not count to this total. 27-1383(g)(6)b

    Assuming they don’t provide 36 for sale workforce housing units, then they are no where near the threshold to get the extra story reward. The biggest contiguous open space on the submitted site plan is less than half the the required threshold.

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    Probably so that people actually have somewhere to park rather than parking in front of people’s houses, which is becoming a problem on Appalachee.

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    Is the open space requirement met by adding in the internal drives? It is in the MARTA development. I think. Nothing in the code section you cite says it either way. It only says open space – not green space.

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    They city wants those extra parking spaces for Dresden Village which is a mess parking wise. There actually aren’t enough parking spaces for the apartments if you assume two people per unit.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Internal drives are not open space as the submitted site plan in the article notes. Also, MARTA did not include the internal roads in their open space calc. See link for MARTA’s drawing identifying open space.

    The site plan in this article calls out a “total” public open space to be 22.8%.Even this is short of the 25% requirement to get the bonus story reward. Then you throw in the contiguous modifier and sidewalk deduct that 27-1383(g)(6)b require and you fall well short.

    This is one of those instances where the Overlay is actually a shield for the community. These bonuses are only rewarded if the development offers something exceptional that is a benefit for the community.

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    Nobody ever seems to grasp how much money goes into these developments. From pre-work, construction loans, etc. If the ROI isn’t showing in the 15-20% range, no bank will touch it.

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    Weird. Strangely, that isn’t specifically mentioned anywhere I can find.

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    without banks help yes it would put them in the poor house

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    agree, too many apartments

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    Randy Watson

    Vomit… I can already see the Dresden-traffic-Canyon formed between this and the apartment building across the street.

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    It is now on it’s way to the City Council on Tuesday 11/8. DENY!!!!!!!

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    The Brookhaven Post

    The meeting will be November 9th. There is no Council Meeting in November 8th – Election Day.

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    “Green space” is not specifically identified in the Overlay. It is one aspect of many that falls into the “open space” criteria as a whole, like fountains and plazas.

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    It is now on it’s way to the City Council on Wednesday 11/9. DENY!!!!! (My bad – thank you BP)

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    D-4 neighbor

    Good luck with the parking guys! This doesn’t even come close to providing any relief if two restaurants are going in. Wish that Overlay addressed reality and employee/staff parking for you.

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    Eddie E.

    Considering our likely continuing drought situation, fountains seem like a ‘wonderful’ addition.

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    – Because it’s much harder for developers to get condo construction financed. A little 8 or 10 unit condo project – no big deal, but a larger project is much more difficult. Banks won’t take the risk of getting stuck with a half-sold project in the event the economy slows down. Also, construction defect laws for condominiums are heavily weighted against developers (thanks to the lawyers who convince condo boards to sue over every little thing ten years down the road). Lenders, equity investors and developers don’t want the risk or hassle.
    – Also, apartments are in high demand. Occupancy rates throughout the city are very high (~ 95% +/-) and rental rates have gone up consistently for the last 5+ years.
    – Green meadows? That’s a good one. Brookhaven was all green meadows and woods until the greedy farmers and land owners sold to the greedy single family home developers that built our homes!

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