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    Oh boy, more 850 square foot apartments on Dresden. Just what we need. Can’t wait. 🙁

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    Thomas Porter

    This is unreasonable, it should be started completely over and include a new staff report and recommendation to the Planning Commission. Other than ‘some’ of the address, nothing relates to the original application. I don’t understand why they get to keep their place in line while the zoning and ordinances are being reviewed. They had their bite of the apple, now it’s just a constant churn and drain on the spirit of the community.

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    Millennial Parent

    Why is Brookhaven, time and time again – so hostile to educated, working professional, tax paying millenials, who most likely will occupy these MARKET RATE apartments? Yet, the Marta development apartments is likely to rent the 35% or higher of those units with low income and Section 8, tenants?

    Buckhead is welcoming the Millennials, building beautiful apartments and offering amenities for all generations,. Meanwhile Brookhaven spits on any plan to attract them.

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    Erik Steavens

    This does seem a bit odd how this project has gone and it appears a new wrinkle has been thrown in with the Sherpa’s restaurant now part of the mix. While that is the case, it does not look like the restaurant is integrated in the design of the development. It does not appear from little I read of summary materials that they are truly meeting the intent of the Overlay.

    It might be best that this start a new. Otherwise we have a frankenapplication on our hands.

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    While I don’t pretend to have vast knowledge of planning and development the way I’m reading this is – here are your Townhomes, we are adding a 5th story and, we have the restaurant back in the fold strictly to bring units per acre down. Let’s not bother with the rules and see if we can push it thru…

    If that happens we only set ourselves up for more projects that go rogue and lawsuits to follow.

    A smart city has a process, enforces a process and protects developers and residents alike with said process. City council should allow withdrawal without prejudice and Connolly should start new with their NEW plan.

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    Erik Steavens

    Not sure the hostile tone towards me. I am not pro-porting this move forward. Please read my text carefully. This does not pass a smell test or measure that is meets the good planning that was done to put the overlay in place. As this stands now, you would not see me speaking to support.

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    Sorry, no hostile tone should be inferred. I was attempting to agree. It seems like you are more familiar with things like the overlay than I am but I can still smell something rotten…

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    Would be nice if the map gave a better view of the impacted area.
    Recent development has without doubt changed the traffic situation in our area.
    Add an extra 10-15 minutes just getting out of the neghborhood in the past year or so.
    Some of that can be fixed with better timing of traffic lights but there is no doubt that traffic has increased and we should give consideration to just how much density is okay.
    Most of you newer residents probably moved here at least partly for the location and easy access. Us longer term residents have been enjoying that for many years. If all of a sudden it takes 30 minutes just to leave the neighborhood it losses a lot of appeal. Our best property values and quality of life will be maintained by supporting single family homes in as much of the area for as long as possible.
    We are not lacking for for good resteraunts and entertainment within our area. If you have the desire to walk for all of your needs go somewhere else. Brookhaven was not designed as a walking/golf cart community. There are many possative things going on but they will not eliminate the need for transportation in and around Atlanta. This area has always been one of the most convenient locations to live in the Atlanta area. Dont mess it up by enviting density that is not compatible.

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    Millennial Parent

    The vitriol against modern interior, market rate, tax paying, millennial attracting apartments, is disgusting. Low income, no income, ection 8, crime attracting Marta apartments though are coming.

    Brookhaven lost a millennial public school teacher “apartment” resident last month to Midtown. She rented another apartment there.

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    Erik Steavens

    There is a rift in Brookhaven. Itt does seem to lend itself towards those that are traditional homeowners and the next generation or two. Many of the older generation for reasons unknown bought into Brookhaven thinking it would a suburban paradise with low taxes, high services, and no traffic. The best of all worlds quick commutes and convenience to places without hassle of traffic. That was in a time when Atlanta had less people than it does now. We are over 4.5 million in the Atlanta region. Brookhaven and every other area inside the perimeter is growing and going to grow. MARTA was planned here as a multi-generational investment. We are just know starting to see the need for why a MARTA station was placed in Brookhaven to begin with.

    Long drawn out point, yes many of these that have a problem with development are those that bought into an idea – one that is no longer here (maybe never was), that you could have a suburban lifestyle in an area that was always intended to grow.

    City officials must though start to make sure that this rift does not grow wider. The tone and hostility on message boards is increasing, public comment at City meetings is adversarial, etc.

    The Overlay was meant to take into consideration these different populations and recognize that there are some places where growth (which is coming) should go and how to go it a way that minimizes impact to more established single family home areas.

    Unfortunately, implementation of the Overlay by the County and to some extent the City has been poor. This has brought mistrust in any development. This is bad as the types of apartments and units in these new developments are high end high paying people.

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    So what do you propose to remedy the alleged delay in accessing the neighborhoods? The situation with Apple Valley north of Dresden and the turn restrictions (that many do not honor) do not seem to work. I realize by opening up better access to/from may increase cut through traffic, but may provide better connectivity for vehicles, peds, and bikes and emergency services for all.
    What do you propose better operations and safety for the present staggered intersection at Caldwell and Elijay?

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    Terrell Carstens

    This is more about Smart Growth than it is about apartments. Brookhaven currently has 60+ apartment complexes within it’s 12 square miles to choose from. Many are beautiful and offer great amenities. Please recognize that Dresden is a 2 lane road designed to have a “Village” feel surrounded by stable neighborhoods. No one is spitting on Millennial’s, we embrace all generations and what they have to offer along with their needs. Come interact with us all at the Farmers Market, Brookhaven Park, the establishments already on Dresden, and nightly walks with dogs and young parents pushing a stroller. We get along great and have a wonderful time together. The workforce housing is also an important component for the overall viability and growth of any community. We are not Buckhead or Atlanta, nor do we want to be. With any development proposal one must look at the entire project as a whole and how it will effect our quality of life, not just one aspect of it.

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    Erik – Did you attend the Character Area presentation to the Planning Commission Wednesday night? The overwhelming ask was to enforce density levels at a 1 to 1 exchange and to control growth. It was obvious that no one wants to recreate Brookhaven into an urban city. Protection and preservation was the resounding desire.

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    The well being and future of the city should be our top priority. Not one group, generation, political environment, or a profit margin. What do we lack and what can we reasonable forecast that is sustainable and appropriate moving ahead.

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    Randy P.

    The planning commission should have denied this again. They had NOTHING in front of them to make a ruling on except the same plan that had come before them last time. Aren’t there rules about deadlines and compliance?

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    Erik Steavens

    No unfortunately did not have the opportunity but suspect you are making my point. I suspect the demographics of the meeting were those of older single family home owners right?

    The city will have growth and needs grow to survive. Now how it grows and in a way that accommodates everyone old new and indifferent is the issue.

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    Can the Brookhaven Post provide any insight in to the choices for the Architectural and Design Board. The word on the street is it will be the usual suspects that think they speak for all of the city. Hasn’t the past 4 months made it clear that we have issues with groups of friends of friends making the call for everyone?

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    Yes, the city will have growth and needs growth to survive. A local city government has to feed itself to keep up with city and government trends of the day and pet projects special people come up with. Many of the recent arrivals to Brookhaven moved here for the very reasons we did. Question is, will the coming changes complement or degrade the Brookhaven experience? Will these changes ultimately be at our expense?

    One thing for sure, we would never let this happen in D1.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Hi. My information is that the City is still working on this and no decisions have been made as of yet. That would be a good question for next weeks City Council meeting. I’ll be sure to ask.

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    The presenters were the stakeholders for each Character Group. All ages and backgrounds.

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    Those in attendance varied in age considerably. There were also folks from all districts with a variety of opinions and experiences. You can watch the video.

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    The same can be said for those that are new residents, they moved in to a city of single family homes, they didn’t pop up over night. If they didn’t want to live in a city of single family neighborhoods they might should have looked for a location that fit their wants more.

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    Stan, glad you could take a break from the country club and put the clubs down to attend representing the extreme end of the age range. Brookhaven citizens need all the representation they can get. Regardless of age.

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    So the traffic operations and safety is just fine then?

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