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    Lil Woolf

    Heather, thank you for a thoughtful and positive assessment of Taylor. He is all you have said and more. He refuses to stoop to the level of his nasty opponent, but rather follows the “when they go low we go high” philosophy. And she has certainly gone low. I hope most other millennials feel the way you do and we can have a decisive win for Taylor. He is the best thing that has come to HD 80!

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    Already got my vote. He’s a really good guy.

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    I’ve seen some very negative mailers from Taylor’s team against Meagan. I wish for once someone would start and finish an election by staying high. But it didn’t seem to happen from Taylor this time.

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    Lil Woolf

    Taylor’s mailers are truthful, factual and not at full of rancor. Not sure what you are seeing, Richard. I have all his mailers (all positive) and two of hers (one disgustingly negative and untruthful).

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    Taylor has won this even if he never campaigned, shook a hand, sent a mailer. The day the sorry GA republican elite decided to prance some pretty young thing out to go up against Catherine Bernard because she dares to have a brain and use it, they put Taylor in office. It didn’t hurt that he is a pretty good guy, but let’s face it – he doesn’t have to win the election because that gave it to him.

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    The Georgia Republican elite aren’t Republicans. Meagan just wishes she had Catherine’s brain.

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    Thomas Porter

    Though Taylor has our full support & votes, I don’t get the Millenial points. I possess all the qualities you ascribe to them… but I’m not one…. couple years beyond. Hurray for all good-minded people, Millenials or not.

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