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    Riley OConnor

    Chamblee’s actions certainly appear to be an example of trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle.. At one time, Chamblee Plaza was a viable and active place, albeit an example of mid-century design that urban planners now love to hate. Lots of asphalt out front filled with a sea of cars, but there were a full complement of businesses providing a wide variety of services and shopping. Now, it’s a dwindling hulk that hundreds of cars pass by every day and you have to wonder when did the spirit of cooperation between the property owners, business operators, and the City of Chamblee go away? And why?

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    That is not the issue at all. This is Doug Dillard, who to my knowledge doesn’t live in Chamblee, ginning up business by representing a mini storage owner intent upon putting that type of business at the entrance to the Sexton Woods. It was an error that the property was zoned cc at all; most Chamblee residents want the VC zoning and so it was rezoned to prevent this very type of development from occurring in the future. Doug Dillard pushed the mini storage development knowing that residents would then push for rezoning in order to manufacture more business for himself Doug Dillard is a pimple on the ass of society who can go to hell. The property is worth as much or more as VC rather than cc, so he likely has no case.

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    And to be clear, Trinity Development is the beneficiary of a 10-year Dekalb County property tax abatement who talked a good game at first about developing the property but never had any intent to do so. He has been sitting on the property for 7 years now biding his time until he can sell when his abatement ends. The entire Huntley Hills neighborhood has not realized the increases in value they would have if the property had been developed. Perhaps they should sue Trinity Development.

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    Ellen, you do realize the properties at the entrance of Sexton Woods on Peachtree have been commercial for a long time. Maybe even before the neighborhood was developed. Peachtree Boulevard was once called Peachtree INDUSTRIAL Boulevard for a reason.

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    Please get informed about before making comments like this. There is a long backstory on this issue and it is really sad that a loser who can’t be bothered to develop this property can bring a suit on this very desirable rezoning after inflicting negative externalities on his neighbors. With any luck, the judge will grant summary judgment to disallow this frivolous lawsuit.

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    More puffery by ‘Foghorn Leghorn’ Dillard! He says the same things about null and void and capricious and arbitrary in every letter and every time he speaks. Eyes roll.

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    seeker of truth

    Existing businesses are grandfathered, so unless they plan to put in more fast food restaurants, ups stores or a second convenience store what the problem? Perhaps more Self Storage or used car lot would be preferable also allowed in the previous zoning.

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    Caterpillar Maintenance Kid

    Remember when Kudzu books was in Chamblee Plaza? There still is a Chinese Buffett named “Chinatown Buffett”They have a 5 year lease and serve healthy foods and it is economical. There is also a hair stylist and an abandoned American Legion property near CITGO. Protect the good, the neighborly and the moderately successful/ Small business built America there was no Exxon or WAL-MART in the days of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin.Not one step back.

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    Weren’t there any stipulations requiring redevelopment attached to the 10 tax year abatement?
    If not, why not?
    Does Trinity own Plaza Fiesta also?
    High stakes poker being played in Chamblee.

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    I don’t think there was even a citgo in those days.

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    That was a Dekalb tax abatement. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was collusion between Dekalb and Trinity on that deal.

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    Eddie E.

    A minor issue.
    If you want to see REAL evidence of terribly faulty rezoning in Chamblee, come watch the ‘mining operation’ underway on New Peachtree.
    Potentially contaminated waves of dust covering everything around the site perimeter and the City has no concern that they have made a disastrous error.

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    This is not a minor issue to those who support the rezoning strongly. Council is listening to its citizens and reducing garbage CC development in areas that we are trying to transform away from the industrial and low-value development past. This will dramatically increase property values in Chamblee across the board.

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    I don’t understand. Can you explain please?

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    Eddie E.

    Yes, getting rid of those ‘low value industrial areas’ won’t cost any jobs while incessant building provides no jobs when the structures are complete.

    What an execllent definition of short sighted!

    By the way, when the value of your home is to live there, increases in ‘property values’ just mean an increase in property taxes.

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    I have a 5-6 year timeframe. I want property values to go way up.

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    Explain what?

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    There must be a Trinity representative or a corrupt Dekalb County official on this site voting Flubber’s comment down. There was no development stipulation in that tax abatement and the fact that there wasn’t is highly suggestive of corruption and backroom bribes.

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    I was asking Eddie E. about the contaminated dust he mentioned in his comment. Is he talking about a site being redeveloped now? Which one? Maybe the EPA should be testing the dust & surrounding air quality?

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    Thrift aholic

    Just don’t mess with Last Chance Thrift Store. Love them!

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