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    Could someone at the Post reach out to Octane to find out why they pulled out? Maybe they are considering a new location in the area…? One can hope.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Sure, I’ll ask around.

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    If only someone had an instagram account that kept up with these sorts of announcements and posted the actual site plan with the tenants 2 months ago…

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    Just what the area needs…another Starbucks. And a drive-through at that. Yuck.

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    Eric Robert

    Yea, while I like and frequent Starbucks, I would have liked an Octane here. I also don’t like the Starbucks with drive-thrus since they have less outdoor seating areas due to the drive through lane taking up at least one side of the building. Tomorrow’s News Today had also reported that the Georgetown Starbucks which sits just across 285 from Chamblee and Brookhaven is moving to the small strip center on the corner of the Georgetown lot so that it can have a drive thru. I’m disappointed in that since it won’t have the great outdoor seating area that the current one has plus the access into and out of that strip for cars and people is not good at all.

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    Frank McCloskey

    It will be great having Mary back…we’ve missed her.

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    Awesome, thanks! I know a lot of people are disappointed they aren’t attached to the project anymore.

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    So, if I were Trinity, I’d be hopping mad that Chamblee is OK with a drive-through Starbucks at this location but not at Chamblee Plaza as they requested. (Not that I want one in CP either, but it seems this argument would have merit in the lawsuit)

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    It is a separate issue. The rezoning claim is related to constitutionality. There was no zoning decision connected to the denial of trinity’s inadequate development plan. I do agree that it should have been denied in the new development as well.

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