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    Morning in America

    An incredible victory last night for Republicans and the working class.

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    Just goes to show that every vote counts.

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    Great, trashy beats classy again. The “working class” will feel the brunt of the pain first from our new national leadership.

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    What a stupid comment. Very dark days ahead.

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    Riley OConnor

    Indeed. The big challenge for either candidate would be the same, regardless of their party affiliation. Given the narrow margin of victory, HD80 is almost evenly divided. The winner now goes from being a party-partisan to being an HD80 partisan, representing as many of the citizens of the district as is possible.

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    Steve Walker


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    Sweet. Rewarding the birthers with public office. Insanity is alive and well in America.

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    Well done, Meagan Hanson!

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    I think we had better find ways to work together, in our homes, our neighborhoods and our communities to make it as good as it can possibly be. The divisiveness has to stop. We have to figure out a way to work together and be the best we can be. That’s how we will persevere as a people. Republicans or Democrats we are all Americans. Let’s respect each other and work together. Who’s in?

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    Howard S

    Camille, Well said !! Thank you!

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    I see the deplorable are out in force today. When the economy tanks, blame yourselves.

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    No one better to save the working class than people who have never been a part of it.

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    Karl O’Reilly, check out the Presidential election detail for Brookhaven.

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    Riley O\'Connor

    I certainly was surprised about the State-wide amendment votes.

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    Do you have a link for that?

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    The AJC? Really? See my suggestion above.

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    Really Karl? Why? Don’t you know people just love to give away other people’s money. You have to look no further than Brookhaven for examples.

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    Erik Steavens

    Congratulations to the Representative-elect.

    This District has been drawn to be a very split District politically. Hopefully our new Representative can settle in at the Capitol and do things that will help our area. Tough being a first term House member. Good Luck.

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    The district leans solidly to the right. Taylor had the distinct advantage of running against the cartoonish J Max for the one year unexpired term. Then Taylor worked hard to align himself with the democrat party establishment in DeKalb County. Now he can get back to his law practice. I am certainly no fan of Hanson but she won the election. Keep on trying to convince yourself that the district is 50 / 50. If that were the case a pitiful candidate like Meagan would never have prevailed. Look at the presidential voting statistics for the district.

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    Hillary won Brookhaven.

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    Working Class

    Ellen, Gwinnett voted Democrat. Sounds like you’ll be much happier living there.

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    And Chamblee. Decisively.

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    Eddie E.

    Well at least half of your moniker is inaccurate.

    Are you working?

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    Does that mean she has to give her Robo Call Queen crown up?

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    Eddie E.

    The coming disasters might leave us with no choice.

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    Eddie E.

    Hillary won pretty much the entire Metro Area.

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    Trump won ‘merica

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    Or you can just stay in Brookhaven. Same difference.

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    bill pearce (dunwoody forest resident)

    way to go, Meagan. a tight race against a qualified opponent. the closeness of this race will certainly motivate future voters to turn out in our little corner of the state which will be a good thing in the long run. I am quite sure that Ms Meagan will work hard to represent all of us.

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    Bennett won in DeKalb by 53 votes with 50.16% of the total. Hanson took Fulton County by 368 with a margin of 53% to 47%.

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    Ellen when the economy tanks? Where were you eight years ago?

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    Working Class

    I knew someone would be stupid enough to take the bait, Eddie.

    I started working at 17, put myself through college, paid 100% of my tuition, books and living expenses. and graduated with a BA degree. Due to financial reasons, I was a full time working Mom, returning to work 6 weeks after my child was born (or else lose my job back in the day) and have worked full time for over 30 years.

    I was laid off during the recession, but to make ends meet, I accepted a minimum wage job in a retail store during Christmas and mowed lawns. Oh, I was 51 years old then. Am 59 today, still working full time.

    I know more about working, and the working class of America, then you ever will, Moron.

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    The negative votes above perfectly illustrate Democrats and freeloaders have toward the working class and, the hard working.

    There’s hope for you though, Gwinnett County is right up the road.

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    Gwb caused that. Obama cleaned up his mess. My net worth more than tripled during his administration. Look at the Dow in January 20 2009 and where it is now. Bottom line: democrats make me richer

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    ‘gwb caused that’? Please elaborate. Try speaking from your own mind instead of what you’ve been reading on the internet, please.

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    If you are not smart of informed enough to understand all of the damage dubya did I feel sorry for you. I don’t have any interest in educating you. Cling to your ridiculous belief that Obama created the deficits in gwb’s 2009 budget submitted in 2008

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    Ellen, Jimmy Carter is a happy man now because President Obama has edged him out as the worst American President ever.

    Georgia Republicans are very happy with the election of Meagan Hansen because they now have a girl that will go along to get along.

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    Tomato-Eating Chipmunk

    Although Clinton won the popular vote. By a whole lot.

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