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    On election night, I spent part of the evening at Manuel’s Tavern, the legendary intown watering hole that, on election night, is where Democrats flock the way football fans do for the Super Bowl. Many hours later, at home, as the result became clear, I thought about the people gathered at Manuels and how disappointed most of them no doubt were. But my thoughts quickly turned to the people I hadn’t seen that night, though they were certainly there. I mean the people working to make it possible for everyone there to eat and drink and socialize while watching the returns. I wondered about the dishwashers, who, though I don’t know if this is true of those at Manuels, are often undocumented immigrants. What were they thinking, these people who had more to fear than the disappointed people I’d been with that night? Then I thought about Buford Hwy., where I actually spend much more time dining than intown Atlanta (I hadn’t been to Manuels in years). How many of those hardworking people were watching the returns in fear? Not, perhaps, because of any legal issues involving immigration, but because the the country had just elected a man who made it acceptable to express racist views and insult groups of people because based on their national origin or religion.
    And then I tried to think about the people who voted for Trump and to see their side of it. But I just can’t because I can’t see how they would have anything to personally fear from a Clinton presidency, as much as they may have hated her. No one in the U.S. should have to be afraid of the outcome of a presidential election, but that’s where we are with the outcome of this one.

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    BB Time

    Love glue?

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    Eloquent again. Thank you for synthesizing so beautifully your observations about our BuHi.

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    I highly recommend other readers enjoy Marian’s presentation to Creative Mornings this past spring. You can find here:

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    …blah, blah, blah. America is turning into a violent, hateful 3rd world banana republic. When has there been a time when so much disrespect is shown on all levels?
    The foul mouthed rappers on stage with Hillary, the protesters cussing for the cameras instead of stating their case coherently (they can’t) kids burning American flags, while raising the mexican flag(the land they fled), kneeling during the national anthem as a protest to a country that has given them so much opportunity , the utter disrespect of the men in blue(but they’ll call police for help when they feel their lives are in danger!) , the gang shootings, protests over any and everything(without really having a clue what they’re protesting), and on & on and on!
    Trump loves America! He will bring dignity & respect back to the White House and the office of the presidency. He will be respected by world leaders. He loves the common man and the people that have worked and struggled to raise a family and live an honest life and I fully believe he will protect the rights and security of ALL people that come to be a part of this wonderful melting pot, as long as they come so LEGALLY.
    WHY is law and order, respect and obeying the law such a difficult concept for the younger generation to grasp?

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    Don’t worry about Buford Highway. Word around the BC of C is that Joe has plans to redevelop it all the way to Doraville.

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    Will there be a monorail?

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    I really feel sorry for you. So full of negativity and fear, and unable to see the beauty in in other cultures. I have no doubt Trump is your man.

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    You should have run Bernie. How come he didn’t win the DP?

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    Trump is trashy and rude, of course he’ll clean up his act a bit now…. but won’t last for long.

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    Read Blinded Authority and see how Buford Highway Redevelopment will get financed.

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    Eric Robert

    Hey you kids get off my lawn!!!!! Blackbird well said. And remember most agree as Hillary, like All Gore, is ahead in the popular vote. It’s amazing how some people only see bad. The one constant in the USA is change, including our population”s make up and I believe that is a big part of what makes us great. I can only hope Trump will follow thru on his words this weekend that he wants a path to legal status for many of our fellow residents who currently do not have it.

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    Oh, the irony! The anti-Trump protesters are full of vile, violent, hateful agitators & anarchists , college brainwashed children, lawbreakers and illegal immigrants! Swell group of folks Huey.
    Yes, you are correct, I supported the president elect.

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    My gosh, you sound just like that fat disgraced Brookhaven politician!!!

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    What does popular vote have to do with anything? It’s not the way this country has ever operated. More importantly, the EC was designed so a handful of states don’t control the country. Which, whether you like Trump or not, is exactly how the system worked. The man won every swing state needed and then some. And instead of democrats saying maybe we neeed to adjust since we got out fanny’s kicked they blame the constitution and the FBI.

    It amazes me the amount of people who are bashing the constitution / electoral college instead of their flawed and criminal candidate. Had Biden run, he would have won easily, but no, dems nominated someone they knew was corrupt. That secret plane meeting with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was enough to turn my long time vote. The country didn’t vote for trump, no one likes him, the country voted against Clinton.

    At the end of the night it wasn’t even close. Enough of the CNN stalking points, form your own opinions without the help of those encouraging people to destroy their own cities. I didn’t see republicans doing that when Obama won, twice. Clinton lost by her own hand.

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