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    Would have been nice to see them tear down the stadium seating and replace it with a lower capacity, more modern, sleek stadium. Current stadium is 6,500 capacity which is ridiculous. Should be 1,500 max.

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    Brittany Mother

    Haven’t gone to many games at that stadium through the years have you.

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    That stadium is filled all the time. Chamblee is one of many schools that use it. 1500 would be wholly inadequate.

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    Maybe they could build an entirely new stadium on some of the land in the old General Motors plant.

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    And then convert the stadium land to additional capacity for Cchs.

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    Or maybe they could just continue to use the stadium as is and spend the $1.9million on getting kids out of trailers at may of our schools. Education should come before new Stadium.

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    If Dunwoody didn’t abate $500m of DCSD revenue along with Chamblee’s $60m maybe they could build a stadium at Dunwoody, rebuild the one at CCHS and increase educational opportunities in both.

    Read Blinded Authority and discover how it all gets financed.

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    been going 25 years. sitting in the stand it feels full but if you taken a look from the other side it never is. this is a common error made by people in estimating crowds. there is a scientific name for it but i cannot recall it. 1,500 may be too low, but stadium design has come a long way since that lump of concrete was thrown up. CCHS and DCDS would be better served by a new stadium.

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