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    An architectural review board ruled by local insiders will now have the power to influence residential real estate design. Stop the process now. No need for more compliance driven hysteria. Stick to the rules we have.

    Mattison’s intentions are obvious.

    Cut the Overlay district off south of Apple Valley. Create a Sub Area III along Dresden that allows no more than 40,000 sf of living space per acre.

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    The current issues with the Overlay is that a “group of professionals” with an ideology and goal that contradicts the majority of the residents created it and rammed it down the city’s throat. How do we prevent this same entity from becoming the Design Review Board? Will the public have a chance to provide input on the “design of the city”. This is not sounding like a good plan for anyone except MARTA.

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    Why don’t we just abolish the City Government and have a city wide HOA? We’d probably be happier.

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    And thank you Larry and The Post for the report!

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    Most of us wanted Brookhaven in order to get out from under DeKalb and reduce the size, scope, intrusiveness, and cost of Government — and we get this? The elected leadership needs to take a big appetite suppressant pill and discontinue this effort NOW. No need for a HOA style ARB now or ever… regardless of the size of the project.

    BROOKHAVEN POST: Great get !!!

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    MATTISON Bwahahahaha!

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    The Truman Show.

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    Ida Beth

    I would agree but there is a real problem in our neighborhood . houses are being torn down and replaced by huge houses with no consideration for the surrounding neighborhood. I n one case
    A 4 story house was built on the street behind a house that sits lower in the back of it’s lot. The new house has 3 back decks that all over look the roof of the existing hose whose view now is the massive back of a house and no buffer because they crammed this huge house on every scarp of land they could take up.
    You wouldn’t be happy if this happened to you.

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    Rather than worry about “credentialed professionals”- which sounds like code for a BPCA takeover and exclusion of most affected homeowners, why not just make sure the board includes one rep from each of the n’hoods that adjoin the TOD, as well as the TOD itself?

    Board would be composed of a rep who lives in the TOD, Fernwood Park, Brookhaven Fields, Brookhaven Heights, Ashford Park and an at large rep. Include a credentialed professional who can make recommendations.

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    Maybe they aren’t happy they have to stare at your home. Why do your property rights exceed theirs?

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    The problem with your idea is that the ARB would then actually represent the wishes and desires of the area immediately affected and adjacent neighborhoods. Not the desires of the BPS (Brookhaven Power Structure).

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    Ida Beth

    That is a ridiculous comment. The existing house was there for 30 years.
    A little thought and consideration could have greatly helped the situation if they had been required to leave buffer trees .
    They don’t HAVE TO STARE at the person’s house , they chose to build it there.
    I was just trying to suggest that an architectural board the includes single family dwellings might be a good idea.
    Did you even read the article or where you just trolling to make negative, nonsensical remarks to people’s comments.
    Sorry now I am sounding mean , but I am just tired of not being able to make a comment without being jumped on by someone who just wants an argument,
    What ever happened to civil discourse.?

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    I agree with you Ida Beth. Too much unchecked interpretation of the rules. Make some rules. Stick to them city.

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    The person bashing someone’s home is now asking for civil discourse?

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    Eddie E.

    You do comprehend the part about ‘rules’ and adherence to them.
    Then maybe we can fall back to a place where a ‘variance’ is extremely rare rather than being the very next step after a lot is purchased because “the current rules don’t comply with what I want to do”.

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    Eddie E.

    It’s nice to see Councilwoman Jones make such a clear break with her predecessor.

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    This is pure insanity that they are discussing subjecting all single family to another level of bureaucracy. This is such an easy way to tick off every neighborhood and homeowner. The mayor needs to take this off the table.

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    District 1 also needs a rep.

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