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    Brookhaven Bob

    Needless to say, this type of behavior is NOT what we need after a very contentious election. The fact that this behavior has been alleged to have been performed by teachers is even more troubling.

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    I wonder why racists everywhere seem so emboldened. #thankstrump

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    If it was a threatening statement then the actions taken are appropriate. If the teacher was talking about Trumps stance on the issue of illegals, and students felt threatened – that is a different issue. I hope the investigation will determine what actually occurred. Usually teacher are very liberal minded and are empathetic to their students. This is disturbing behavior.

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    It would also be wise to await the investigation of student statements suggesting a pro Trump teacher offended a young, emotional student…and turned anger into something more inappropriate.

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    I’m just curious. Why is breaking the law alright with the left, but hurting someones feelings, oh boy, throw the book at them.
    letting emotion guide your every thought process instead of intellect is a sign of society’s collective immaturity.
    I think it might be tough for kids to understand something that has been denied them probably most of their lives, and that would be the truth. The truth is, if their parents crossed our border illegally, they are just as illegal. Due to misinterpretation of the constitution, children born to foreign nationals that have entered our country illegal are indeed American citizens. This is a law that needs to change.
    There is no country in the world that allows people to waltz right , except America. Without laws, we will become the places the fled.

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    My grandchildren are telling of students in school harming them with talk of going back to Africa. I wonder where did the kids who said they are Trump supporters get this from. I can only guess where.

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    Very well said!!!

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    What’s the world coming to, you people with these cowardly, racist remarks to kids. It doesn’t matter what the kid or kids said it still doesn’t justify the actions or remarks from an adult with the professional capacity of being a teacher, if you’re going to making remarks like that do it among people of your peers. And let’s see how far you get with that..

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    Confusing compassion with national suicide seems to be a plague nowadays. It would be wonderful if we, as a nation, could afford to take care of every human being in the world that lives in a country that has economic and social difficulties. But at what price to the citizens of our country?

    When it costs over $22,000 per annum for each unaccompanied minor coming across the border illegally at the some time a majority of Social Security recipients (usually retired long time tax payers) receiving $14,000 a year, it is difficult to rationalize our “compassion”.

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    Father of the Nation

    I worked for the Atlanta legal Aid Society and Judge Shoob in 1984 at the Federal Pen, I have also designed my own course at GSU and how the USA is affected. Don’t do this to the crop of tomorrow. Political battles need not be between teachers of a public school, any shool and pre 18 who may need a little more brains to make up their mind. Go slow

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