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    Ground floor retail facing a retaining wall does not work, so I understand why they came up with a revision but also agree with Chamblee for denying it. Gotta think they will come back with another modification that works for the council.

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    John Mesa

    The units faceing the retaining wall are residential.

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    Sounds to me like they screwed up in the first plan. It is very interesting though that the original number of apartments was around 311 and were only approved for 289. And now they want to go back to 311. Fishy. #baitandswitch

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    Blinded Authority

    Who is Sterling Johnston?

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    Thanks for the clarification. Now I am surprised, pretty routine for a renter to be staring at concrete.

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    huh Blinded? Where’s Waldo?

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    How nice that the counsel members are concerned about the height of buildings on Malone drive since they disregarded the height for the hotel on Savoy. Why the different treatment??

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    Jack Smith

    Probably because this development is a CDDA pet project and the developers tried to get more than what was agreed to. It is my understanding that all the development authority members are appointed by the mayor or mayor and council. Could be slightly wrong but that is my understanding. It is also interesting to note that Leslie Robson, councilwomen, is also an appointed member of the authority.

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    Blinded Authority

    Who is Patrick McDaniel?

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    I am glad it was denied due to the increased density and lack of compatibility with surrounding development. Hopefully they will come back with a proposal that is consistent with the original density and building height. $11 million in tax abatements would be difficult to walk away from. Or if they don’t additional upscale retail without an abatement would be ideal.

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    Jack Smith

    The real question is, who is Chad Boles?

    “Patrick McDaniel” is a fictional character in the one-star rated book you are promoting called “Blinded Authority” which is available on Amazon and you also advertise (or advertised) on this site. “Sterling Johnston” is also a fictional character.

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    “This is a story about the looming Brookhaven bankruptcy.”

    We have to vote for the city to see what the city will bring us. And Chad needed a model. OK, so I took a little liberty. Sue me!

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    This is a story about Chamblee, not Brookhaven.

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    Please keep up Ellen. My response was to Jack about Chad’s book.

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    You keep up. This was not a Brookhaven article. It was about Chamblee.

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    Brian Mock

    Nothing that can’t be fixed through a little compromise and a lot of communication. I have an open door policy and my phone number is public info. Tell me what you can and can not do. Two days later, still waiting on some return calls……..guess it’s not that urgent……

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    Compromise, music to the developer’s ear. Corporations have ears don’t they?

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