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    Pamela K Porter

    Great pictures, Trey. Since they are fenced in were you able to get signed “releases”?

    Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite periodical.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you! It was funny. The goats have eaten most everything they can from a standing on all fours position. So, they team up and push over some of the taller privet in the direction of another goat who is waiting to pull it down from the other end. Once it is close enough to the ground, other goats come over and stand on top of it so it doesn’t spring back up. I wish they could rake leaves. I’d have them over to my place!

  3. 3

    Tom Reilly

    We counted twenty-eight goats this morning. all busy bleating and chomping away for the City of Brookhaven. We fed them extra privet as a reward!!

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    Park Lovers

    Good to see some old goats at work.

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