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    Tomato-Eating Chipmunk

    $140,000 on Clack’s Corner? That’s like 1/4 acre of land. Are you going to pave it in gold or something?

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    Only $140,000? What a deal.

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    Completely unnecessary.

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    This is a great project and a great example of how with working through the planning process with the community the city can make quality of life improvements the area will enjoy for years to come. Great work Brookhaven Fields and Brookhaven city. Keep up the good work!

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    WOW! And I thought those bridges were expensive. Those are some very special people down there!

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    $140,000!!!! Time for new leadership. Again. This is a complete waste of money and resources. What happened to becoming a city to fix traffic? Not one damn thing has been done about that but we have $140,000 for a postage stamp sized park? No other way to say it, we have become Dekalb.

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    I past by that park last week and it looked perfectly fine as it is. It’s a neighborhood pocket park. Have you people lost your minds? $140,000? For what?

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    I’d prefer that they cut the irrigation budget and put in native plants instead. As a matter of fact, it’d be great if the city adopted a policy that required any new public landscaping to be entirely composed of native or at least drought resistant species.

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    The planting bed in the upper right corner is already a native garden which was created and installed by the original volunteers. The Master Plan was designed to enhance the bed and to keep the native plants in it.

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    Also, there is an existing irrigation system in place that was funded by donations from the neighborhood and installed. This entire park was built on donations from the neighborhood. Instead of just tearing out the current system it is being upgraded and some maintenance work will be performed.

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    I, and I’m pretty sure, most of Brookhaven Fields continues to thank you, Terrell, for you your tireless effort in this wonderful part of our city. Keep up the great work!!!

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    Clark Munroe

    If the city wishes to pay me, I will improve the park for $100,000. This is clearly evidence of politics at work. As an active user of Blackburn, it’s clear that the money can be utilized elsewhere. Where is my child’s brand new recreation center like originally planned when Brokehaven became a city? What is city staff doing? New leadership needed! I will continue taking my talents to other city parks.

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    Been around much?

    This is the first and only improvement at Clack’s Corner. How many improvements have occurred at Blackburn since cityhood? Food truck round up, Cherry Festival, over 200 cherry trees, resurfaced tennis courts for exclusive use of tennis club, bike paths, YMCA exclusive use of pavilion in the summer, exclusive use of facilities by Concord Soccer, darling of Brookhaven Yes and C4ND members.

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    what “tennis club”?

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