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    Dog Park

    Let make it the best and biggest dog park in GA.

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    Please move

    Agreed a big beautiful dog park only makes sense. Obligatory anti-dog article to follow from the post?

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    Chad Peterson

    Unfortunately, this Saturday I will be out of town. But wholly support building an unleashed dog area on the back off. I think we should improve the boundary between the front and back half to make it easier for dog owners to keep their pets in the back half. It doesn’t need to be an ugly chain link fence. But moreso, as we grow large festivals at the park, we should keep the flexibility to have no dogs allowed days. With the parking issues, it would be difficult to get to any dog park that’s located at Brookhaven Park anyway.

    At unleashed dog area at Brookhaven Park would be a great city amenity and can be designed so as to allow others to use the area when needed. Due to nature of back half, however, it doesn’t have many uses other than as a walking trail. An unleashed dog area would most assuredly be one of the most utilized park spaces that Brookhaven would have.

    The current plans of a fence within a fence are a bad idea, IMO. It makes the area too small for the demand, provides no shade, and the grass would get ruined.

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