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    BuHi? Are these the same people that came up with the Blee?

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    Of course it should be call BuHi. Should be encouraged to become a mecca for artists of all kinds, culinary, painters, musicians, muralists, potters, etc. The BuHi Arts District. Build cool artists lofts and encourage a hip trendy lifestyle. Create a food truck park that will facilitate the artists & musician community.
    There should also be a SoVi(south vinings), NoViHi,SoViHi(north/south virginia highlands)SoRo(south roswell),RiSi(riverside river district, Edge District(edgewood), WeBeDistrict(westside beltline), PePo(perimeter point), etc.. The Atl needs to stop taking itself so seriously and simply have more fun!

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    yakety no sense, BARF!!! If the people wanted it, it would have already been here. It is in Atlanta if you want it. Go find it.

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    24% would prefer to BIKE as their PREFERRED transportation.

    How about some verifiable data to support this laughable assertion.

    Yes I expect all ten of you folks who commute by bike to denounce me for daring to ask the question.

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    Saul, expand your mind.

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    Oh so SoDoSoBro.

    All that life has to offer in beautiful South Downtown South Brookhaven. Modern styling and sleek sexy lofts painted and designed by local immigrants designed for you and me. Just one look at these new tax allocation districts, whoops, shops and villages for urban dwellers designed by urban planners that won’t work anywhere in the free markets. Whoops again. Simply add a tech village and incubation hot spots for our neighborhood self employed and consultants looking for a place to drink coffee and mingle…

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    10% of Americans ride a bike more than once a year. Oh So SoDoSoBroBuHi Bike lanes.

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    Yes yakety no sense, we really need your alternative SoDoSoBroBuHi. You get it built and I’ll come down there and join you. Eye roll.

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    Ha-Ha, love it! I think SoDo would actually work quite nicely for Chamblee downtown!

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    B\'haven Birdie

    They can’t even figure out how to connect the GM site to BuHi without using school tax funds so I don’t expect this to any more than a fluff presentation and exercise in futility. So called planners living off of ARC grants that were funded by more taxes are presenting their schemes to tax us even more…. sheesh.

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    As far as I am concerned, the area of Buford Highway in question is already something that much of the Atlanta area secretly envies. It’s affordable, good public transportation, very walkable in a lot of spots, international and 24 hour vibe. Yes, it’s ugly but trying to interfere with generations of this organic development seems counterproductive. Bike lanes are a joke. The hills are enormous. If anything, the corridor should be better connected to the more urbanized areas to the west. The real problem is the airport and CDC that create a huge dead space that divides the two areas. Nothing can change that I fear.

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