February 27, 2017

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8 Comments on "DeKalb School Board approves two new schools for Brookhaven, countywide improvements"

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Wow. Awesome huge news!


Congratulations Kim Gocke and Cross Keys Foundation, teachers and students of Brookhaven. A long road is getting shorter.

Cindy cheatham pietkiewicz
Cindy cheatham pietkiewicz
Yes we are very pleased Cross keys will get a new school, long overdue. However, We are skeptical at Chamblee High School of Dr Green being able to push through the expansions required in this given the plans is still not building enough capacity in Region 1. Chamblee Middle school and Chamblee High are among the best in Georgia and Cchs is nationally recognized. The current plan to add 600 seats to a very undersized campus puts students and learning at great risk. And it will impact the city of chamblee. All of Brookhaven should care as our strong schools… Read more »

Yep. Worst school district in Georgia. Only DCSS would take one of the few bright spots in Dekalb County and do irreparable harm to it. Screw DCSS.


You’re OBVIOUSLY a Republican and Private School Voucher Advocate!!

Couldn’t be further from the truth. I just don’t like what DCSS is doing to Chamblee High School. We’ve worked hard to make it a great school. There is no room to expand CCHS without eliminating sports fields and creating a traffic nightmare. There needs to be a fourth high school in Doraville with its own single feeder school. DCSS has repeatedly failed the citizens of Dekalb County and keeps doing so. We need smaller school systems that are locally accountable to the citizens in each local area. This plan was developed without properly engaging with citizens in our area… Read more »

Will John Lewis Elementary feed into Cross Keys or Chamblee? Does anyone know what the districting map looks like?

Scott Gillispie

I would expect that John Lewis will start out as a Cross Keys feeder (and reliever of the overcrowding at Woodward and Montclair); but there is supposed to be a separate redistricting discussion once the new HS/MS capacity comes on line. See this FAQ, Question #12: http://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/e-splost/files/2016/11/FAQ_20161118__.pdf