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    Tom Reilly

    Congratulations, City of Chamblee!! I’ll look forward to seeing all the great changes in Dresden Park!!—Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation Volunteer Team Leader

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    Thomas Pettigrew

    This is great news for Dresden Park. I’ve been coming to the park with my brothers and family since 1970. The single thing the park needs is a police patrol to drive through (yes, even the paved trails on motorcycle like it used to be done). Over the years the park became a prostitution hang out (You wondered what some of those people were doing sitting their cars for hours by the west edge blinking their lights? This has been going on for many many years.) and now it is going to take steady police attention to stop it. Petty crime takes place by the south bridge to St Pius, and along the woodline by the stream. These places sometimes have people staying overnight with cooking fires hidden down by the stream. I used to walk the trails everyday for a few years, but the police ceased to patrol, and the park became more dangerous. It is going to take a public education to get people going back to this park like they were. The best thing about the park in recent years in my opinion has been the athletic usage (i.e. soccer). It is a great place to play when there is grass to play on!!!! I’m so glad to hear that Chamblee is taking this responsibility over! Long Live Dresden Park!

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    From the Chamblee budget: “Dresden Park will have a part-time park ranger policing the park, creating outreach to the residents and providing additional safety at the park. This position will be staffed with a sworn officer (full arresting powers).”

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