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    Or allow the Brookhaven Innovation Academy the opportunity to purchase the frontage property. Education choices for Brookhaven residents and access and parking for the newly created PDK park.

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    Why not build the new Brookhaven High School at this site and not bus the Ashford park kids to North Druid Hills? Council needs to close the deal on green space before DCSD negotiates.

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    The preservation of the mature trees in the greenspace is the only definition of “win-win”. There are numerous locations that are already developed and underutilized to place the Service Center. Save the forest for future generations.

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    Erik Steavens

    I am not a fan of the City buying this site for whatever purpose. Six million dollars is a huge outlay for a City our size. I would seem that those that are clamoring for greenspace, schools, service centers, etc should look to see if they can get foundation or charitable support to acquire this property.

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    Ken Yates

    Facts first.
    A. There is a financial obligation assigned to the greenspace property as it was included in airport assets. FAA documents detail this as basis for airport grants. Municipal airports must follow FAA guidelines to be eligible for future grants.
    B. When the property was taken out of airport service by the runway closure, the obligation’s appraised value is scheduled to become due. That is due and payable to the airport fund, NOT the county general fund. FAA documents detail this with a letter dated September 14, 2014 from Larry F. Clark, FAA Manager to Mike Van Wie, PDK Director.
    C. The original appraised value as published in the release document was $3.6. That amount is what the FAA expected the sale of the greenspace to generate for PDK airport, NOT THE DeKalb County general fund.
    D. PDK airport is a Dekalb county agency. Property can not be deeded from owner to recipient when both are the same intity.
    E. The same document that outlines the FAA financial obligation also details how airport lands can be made “…available at less than fair market value rent for public recreation…”. FAA Order 5190.6b appendix E.

    So, if the airport and county had or choses to do so, the greenspace could be preserved at “de minimus” value. As they do not chose this, the FAA obligation comes due 5 years after the release letter.

    There was no safety reason for runway closure. For light planes it is much safer to operate in cross winds using a cross wind runway. The runway closure was designed to put money into the airport coffers. The leases from construction of hangers where the runway used to be plus the cash infusion from the commercial sale of the subject land west of Clairmont Road were all part of a plan to cash in on public assets to benefit airport operations.

    As the airport management and county leaders do not appear to want contribute this land to benefit citizens and future generations as a ecological preserve, land purchase is the alternative.

    Our non-proft corporation, the North DeKalb Greenspace Alliance, supports the purchase of this PDK land by the City of Brookhaven if a land conservation deed restriction or conservation easement is assigned to perpetually protect this area as passive greenspace.

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    Ken Yates

    The old Neal Pope Ford site on county property at 4410 Buford Highway is a great example of existing county property well-suited for moving the Services Center. This site would require no destruction of forest as it already has commercial development from ear to ear.
    Why must all these folks want to destroy county-owned green space and forest when logical choices abound? Is there some sort of new virus that causes a mental illness where folks want to cut down a bunch of trees, destroy habitat, induce flooding and silt up our headwater streams?

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    Eddie E.

    What reason is there to move the Occupational Center?
    Why cannot it be subdivided away from the park?
    The County has a clear responsibility to provide the services needed by the clients of the Occupational Center (and we are still Citizens of the County as well).
    The Ashford Forest should remain as it is in perpetuity to prevent massive additional costs from being foisted upon all of the Citizens of Brookhaven as well as entirely predictable perils placed upon all of the current downstream residents.

    Can we face reality for a moment?

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    Please Bates …stay sitting on your couch and have a great holiday season and before you try and make a business decision for this city… Talk to some of the community leaders that are eat up with common sense and business knowledge… And please come up with a better idea for the PDK frontage on Clairmont.. Then the state run service center.

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