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    Chad Peterson

    I went to Brookhaven Park yesterday. Parking was full along the driveway. I’m sure it was the most visited park in Brookhaven yesterday. My 6 month old was in a stroller. But Daniel, my 3 year old, ran freely and we had no issues. I regularly go up to the park and have never had an issue with his safety.

    Repaving of trails, more attention to grass and off leash on the back half seem to be such an obvious solution. A working bathroom is needed. Brookhaven Park is the #1 amenity that is currently offered to me as a resident.

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    Well Said Dave Westrom City Please listen!

    I agree with Dave completely. The citizens are telling you what we want but the “city” and the “special park people” are not listening. There are a ton of playgrounds for children with Lynwood Park about a mile away.

    Dave Westrom, also had strong feelings. He said, “Regarding this park, the easiest way I can put it is I’m a conservative zealot. I like the park as it is. And it’s my observation after coming to several of these meetings, that people who are in charge of doing upgrades have not listened, at all, to the will of the people, and are trying to make this park everything to everybody, but they’re trying to answer questions that aren’t being asked … the people that use this park are very, very adamant, and very zealous of their ability to walk their dogs, off-leash and not be curtailed in any way, shape or form.”

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    I swear! There are a lot of Brookies that haven’t learned to read. There are signs in this park that say no off leash dogs!

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    Hey Lidia, maybe you go to another park, OR, just stay inside your house. Everyone else seems quite pleased with how things are. Thanks

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    perhaps you shouldn’t go to this park. Perhaps you should worry about something else that doesn’t affect you at all.

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    Check the most recent sign out there.

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    Hey Jon, the signs have said no dogs off leash for years. Good thing most people obey the law instead of picking and choosing the ones they want to obey. Even Brookhaven used to enforce the leash law. Why is it the city’s responsibility to provide you a place to let your dog run? Maybe you should have bought a house with a bigger yard! Jon, another Brookhaven elite that is illiterate.

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    Peter Peter the park people people selector.

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    Check the most recent group of people with their dogs out there… nobody hurting anybody. Go to another park if that’s a problem, Cranford. Maybe Lidia can join you when she’s done worrying about something that affects her once every so often when she goes to a DOG PARK instead of one of the million other parks in this town not here for dogs. Man, you people have too much time to whine about stuff that probably has zero impact on your life. Guessing neither of you own a pet as well.

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    @peter I think you misinterpreted my statement. The latest sign (up by top lot entry) states that dogs must be under control, if not on a leash. I was happy (and surprised) to see.

    Same team. Parker and Pacey will see everyone soon.

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    My most sincere apologies, Cranford. Tired of people like Lidia making a stink over her annual visit to the best DOG PARK in the city. Turns out Lydia is the one who needs to learn to read! How bout them apples, Lydia??! 🙂 have someone read you this please

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    Peter, Peter, the dog park people people picker! Glad we have citizen park police!

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    Are we really going to go here again pitting neighbor against neighbor?
    A larger majority of citizens ARE telling the “city” and the “special park people” what we want and they ARE listening. The minority just doesn’t like it.
    This is the only park in Dist. 3 except for a small lot in Brookhaven Fields and it should have amenities that can be utilized by everyone not just a few. Dist. 4 has NO parks.
    Lynwood Park is more than a mile away for many of us.
    It is not an off-leash dog park, citizens are breaking the law and getting away with it. Thanks for the additional liability to all of us. 🙁
    There are a lot of citizens that would like to use the park but are afraid of the dogs and others who do not want to take the risk of their kids picking up an illness or getting hurt. I’ve been bitten twice at that park.
    The park is being used illegally by many people from surrounding areas for their dogs that aren’t even citizens of Brookhaven.
    The service center can’t even take clients for a stroll in their wheelchairs anymore because the wheels get covered with dog crap. Just ask the workers there.

    TRUTH – The park is a CONVENIENCE for YOU to take your dog to. Stop acting like you are being cheated, grow up, agree to a reasonable compromise and open your minds to what is best for all of the tax payers and citizens of Brookhaven. This isn’t YOUR park!!!!

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    We love bringing our 4 cats. Unfortunately they are intimidated by so many dogs. There has been more than one occasion that fido chased our little muffy up a tree! Please include a fenced in area for cats. We cannot discriminate against them-cats are pets too!

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    Thank you, maybe some of those special people you speak of should have purchased a home with a larger yard for their animals.

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    How dare you take cats to the unofficial dog park! Does the park have a ladder for treed cats or do you call the fire department?

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    Curious to know the last time judge Josh and Lydia went to the park?

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    One thing I’ve learned in life is that rational people often cease being so when it involves their kids or their dogs.

    Fence part of the park and require a leash in the rest of it. Not rocket science.

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    They come down when we call them. It is funny watching the dogs trying to catch the squirrels I must admit. Felix, our 4 year old tabby has caught 2 squirrels – the great thing about that is that it saves $ on cat food. Did you know that 1 squirrel can feed to healthy cats – The hawk at the park swooped down but thought better of it – Felix is a tough customer.

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    Peter, I was there last Thurs. and this past Sunday with my dog on a lease for some exercise and fresh air. Good enough for you?

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    Peter I was there over the weekend with a couple of children but they were not on a leash.

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    Oh yeah, you lease your dog? Why do dogs bite you is my question?

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    Lydia, there are many better places to take children than a dog park. Why not just take them to the playground at a regular park?

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    Peter you left out Brookhaven Park that has been made into an illegal dog park by Brookhaven citizens that can’t read and comprehend.

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    Oh Lydia, you poor old woman. I pity you.. Having to deal with dog park outlaws! What wretched souls.. May they all burn so deep in the fiery cauldrons and never bother you again with their torturous puppies playing and Satan fire ball throwing! Gasp!! How awful. How do you sleep at night knowing these disgusting pet owners will walk their hell hounds and not read the old sign that doesn’t matter anymore or the new sign that doesn’t matter to you. Oh the humanity! Pets and pet owners! I hope you make it through the night. What a cold world we live in! Good night Cruella Deville! You’re a bit of a joke Lydia.

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    Well said MMK!!

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    Joe P

    You know Peter, I pity you for having to be so condescending in discussing the parks future. Grow up like many of the other posters on all the articles here need to do.

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