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    Poor Bates, I know he was looking forward to BIA moving there.

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    Thank you! Now to get approval from the BOC! 🙏

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    Tom Reilly

    Congratulations, Brookhaven!! Please continue your efforts to improve our quality of life through enhancing the presence of the natural world within our borders. You’ve established a precedent that will benefit this city far into the future!!–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation Volunteer Team Leader

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    Produce the bank statement, not a written article, budget item or letter, but a bank statement from the Development Authority account. Then use that million dollars for the purchase.

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    Get ready, someone is going to have to pay for this. I wonder how long before we have a significant tax increase.

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    Unreal how the BIA Board Chair, Bates employer, can stand up at a meeting that he does not have to recuse himself from and advocate for the property to be used for their school. He has been a disservice to our city ethics and to all of the parents who now have to drive to a Norcross to drop our kids off to a school he promised would be in Brookhaven. All for the BIA but this drive SUCKS.

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    The BIA has a Board and funds to hire an outside property search team. This isn’t a City of Brookhaven issue anymore. You should be attending the BIA board meetings which are listed on the BIA website and direct your frustration at that group. I agree, I would love to see the BIA “return home”, but at the effort and expense of the BIA.

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    It Grows

    We’ve already had a tax increase in the way of poor money management. The city budget has grown 40% in 3 years from $27M to $37M. Joe Gebbia stated in a Dec. 2015 Council Meeting, “The HOST Funds are going to be reallocated and we’re going to get less. We better get in front of this.” Still no stewardship. Jim Eyre has given the same warning of reallocated HOST funds with more to Stonecrest and less to us.

    We hired a City Manager than encouraged pension language included in the new budget. We have a mayor and council supporting a shadow government in the form of a Development Authority with claims of this is “good for Brookhaven.” It ain’t. Don’t believe me? Ask for proof on a financial statement. Both the Brookings Institution and Cato Institute agree sports facilities funded with phantom bonds are horrible ideas.

    Any one seen any progress on the Character Area Studies? Overlay District Reform? Zoning Rewrite? Still don’t own Brookhaven Park? Stormwater running across yards in Lynwood Park?

    When the tax increases come look for claims of “this is only an additional $14 per household.”

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    This is going to cost us well more than $6 million. Although I often disagree with Eyre, $3 is right that the police force is short, traffic has never been fixed, we need other improvements promised 4 years ago. This city will be broke in 3 more years under current leadership of endless money and pensions.

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    Easy Rider

    Personally, I’m not sold this a good use of $5.7M, but cudos to the city decision-makers for backing up their promise to preserve green space. As a new city, Brookhaven is still working through some issues, but it sure beats the alternative.

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    Yeah, and the broke Brokehaven citizens can create their tent city there.

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    Brookhaven Betty

    Agree 100%, Charles. I am blown away that BIA parents and leadership would actually get up in public to advocate for developing on green space. Do the work you need to do to find a spot in some other part of the city, not on our forest. So selfish, so clueless.

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    Eddie E.

    Kinda speaks to the Council Member who KNEW there was no way that a school could be built on that site under the contract and pricing as negotiated with the county and still encouraged the parents to advocate as if there were.

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    Greenspace Fan

    This property is an important greenspace for our city. Quarter acre teardowns are selling for upwards of $300,000. So if an acre of land in Brookhaven is worth roughly $1.2 million, then the 30 acre greenspace is worth about $36 million dollars, and Brookhaven is acquiring it for $5.7 million. This is a great deal. This land also acts as a natural detention pond and will help prevent flooding downstream. I’m proud of those councilmembers who stood up to short-sighted development interests.

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    That school will never be in Brookhaven and BIA needs to stop selling that lie to parents.

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    Absolutely. More false hope from BIA.

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    Interesting that Jim Eyre didn’t ask Bates “BIA” Mattison to recuse himself…

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    Eddie E.

    I had wondered that myself last night.

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    Tear downs are worth $300,000 because of the land that IS BUILDADABLE. Green space is worth no where near 36 million. Land in downtown is not worth that. Please learn simple land use economics.

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    Jim Eyre

    Unlike Councilman Parks, Bates had nothing to gain personally from his vote on the Agreement that was presented at the meeting last night. The Agreement includes a deed restriction prohibiting the City from using it for anything but greenspace. Unless and until the City chooses to remove this deed restriction, BIA can not pursue the property and Bates has nothing to gain directly or indirectly from the City’s actions. If the deed restriction limiting uses on the property is removed and BIA has an opportunity to pursue the property then yes, Bates should recuse himself from further discussions.

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    Larsen B.

    I don’t agree. If anything John Park has told those of us fighting for the Green Space that devolment was inevitable and we should prepare for that. He can’t help that his house is located there but to imply he worked this deal for his own benefit is disingenuous at best.

    To defend Bates when we can all clearly see what his motives are with our own eyes only stands to make you look like a fool.

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    Your comment just resonated. If I were a city councilman I’d be concerned about potential development in my backyard. I would be so concerned that I would run for office and nip it in the bud. Done!

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    On the Record

    Councilman Parks has personally gained the gratitude from the generations that will benefit from 30 acres of green space.

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    Eddie E.

    In that case, we can all be glad that there will be protected greenspace and not any deforestation for any schools.

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    Get off it. You got your rip off park you’ve been screaming about for years. Move on.

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    I know of a big parking lot by a train stop that might be willing to negotiate.😀

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    Could Barbara and Jim be the same person? Same angry tone……

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    Babs is a troll.

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    Eddie E.

    And not among the pleasant ones.

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    Bates indeed gained personally from taking his position at the meeting. BIA pays him a reported $5k per month per his current bankruptcy papers as their consultant and I believe it is in economic development It was very clear that he was lobbying on their behalf. What was also clear was that he obviously had not shared with the board or the parents of the BIA that the deed restriction was in place. To Bates I’m sure that was a minor omission as long as he still gets his $5K. If he continues to pursue this path he needs to resign as council member or face legal consequences.

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    Larsen B.

    I thought BIA let him go? Are they still paying him?

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    Per his recently amended BK papers yes. Actually, he has reported that income ever since he initially filed earlier this year in an attempt to halt his pending foreclosure.

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    Here we go again, lunatics pointing fingers. I’ll add Jim to the list of people I have been accused of being. Along with RCW, Mayor Something, a developer, a builder, city staff, or J Max.

    Yes, anyone who disagrees with you people who want to waste money we don’t have and then keep out new houses that pay the large tax bills for your pet projects is a troll. Which I had to look up what that even means. It makes ZERO economic sense and none of you understand that or even consider it. It’s everything wrong with the liberal party, of which I am a part and 100% of the reason we became a city in the first place. But let’s keep buying crap we don’t need, can’t maintain. Then saying we got a deal because it’s worth 36 million dollars. Which may the dumbest thing I have ever read.

    I have lived in Brookhaven a long long time, before almost all of you I would imagine so turn your comments elsewhere. This is a complete waste of money when we should be finishing traffic, roads, and other items. We can barely maintain the parks we have and each one now has a quarter milllion dollar bridge. It’s a fantasy that is not fiscally feasible. I am not against parks, far from it, I am against waste. Bottom line is this is a luxury and not one we can afford right now when we don’t even have enough Police officers according to BPD. More over, a conservation easement was the more responsible and economically correct way to go about this. This move was immature and ill thought through.

    Eddie, you disagree with everyone all the time so once again get over yourself and the insults towards me.

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    Eddie E.

    No insults from me, just statement of the obvious.

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