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    Uh huh. We need about 10 more.

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    Does this include fixing the tatty fences?

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    Why is this a city cost if Georgia Power created the problem? We already paid to replant that area which GP should have been made to do also. These homeowners should be dealing with GP for a solution not getting the cost covered by us at a tune of $455k. If the shoulder is to low get some dirt and regrade the shoulder. Absolute government waste and cronyism.

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    Eric Robert

    Is this project going to merely pipe polluted storm water from the street into silver lake? Seems there should be a better way of managing the storm water than piping it to the lake. Did the repaving and removal of the tree islands from the JF/AshDun intersection make matters worse? Wish Brookhaven had more respect for trees and would reinstall the tree island in that intersection instead of having a large paved triangle with striping. The tree and grass that used to be there were far more attractive and better for the environment.

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    Just look at this as supplemental water inflow to Silver Lake. If you don’t go swimming or fishing you won’t know the difference.

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