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    Enuff Govt Already

    This city was promised as a fiscally responsible city.
    On our phone bill, there is a 911 tax which the city receives. It’s closing in on $1M in revenue for the city. That tax is supposed to pay for all things 911 related. This tax was appropriated by the city from the county shortly after the chief went before council with some thin “facts”. The city council dutifully nodded their heads and offered no probing questions of the chief. We were shifted from DeKalb County’s 911 center located in Tucker to this company’s center located somewhere up Georgia 400 and for this company answer our 911 calls we must pony up an additional $250K a year from the city’s budget. For this extra cash, they will dispatch police and make a telephone call to DeKalb 911 for fire and ambulance dispatch. Now we can pay an additional $50K a year they will send fire and ambulance calls by computer message to DeKalb 911 center and follow up with a phone call to verify DeKalb received the computer message. This is just extra work and ties up 911 lines unnecessarily. This is the same failed computer to computer messaging app that failed over and over. Dunwoody has spent a hundred thousand dollars on this app and it’s rumored not to be working as promised but the city signed us up even after the chief told city council, “he prefers the one-button transfer method. He said other nearby DeKalb cities, including Chamblee and Do-raville, use this method. The one-button transfer is the national standard,” Yandura said. “It’s worked well.”-Brookhaven Reporter 3/20/14. This city gov’t continues to take us down these rabbit holes! More gov’t isn’t better it’s just more gov’t and more expense.

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    We have to create the city of Brookhaven to find out what it does and how much it costs. Welcome to Brookhaven.

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