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    Great idea. I would play there, assuming that soccer is still legal once Trump becomes president.

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    Thomas Porter

    Please pardon my enormous skepticism of this article at this auspicious moment when the Brookhaven will be forced to render a decision that will consume every square inch of the MARTA property.

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    Let’s see. No high rises. No parking decks. No tax abatements. No need for costly traffic plan implementation. Does not exasorbate the need for new sewers because of a giant development.

    Everyone involved (mostly) rides public transit. Effing brilliant idea. Let’s do it.


    So neighbors, is this low density enough for you?

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    Thomas Porter

    I do not believe this to be either/or, this ‘might ‘ be in addition to the development… if they can find the space.

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    Why not Chamblee station?

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    All of the above PLUS soccer fields on the top deck of parking garages – reducing parking spaces.

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    The MARTA TOD as proposed will never see the light of day.

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    I hope you are right – would love to see a TOD there, but on that the community embraces, not something that will be detrimental to the surrounding neighborhoods.

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    Both Doraville and Chamblee desperately need something, anything, besides car lots. It is extremely disappointing to see the car lots on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard wrapping around the Brand Smart to occupy land formerly occupied by the GM plant. What a profound waste of land. A car lot requires a huge amount of cleared land and offers the community minimal return because a lot simply does not need to employ more than a tiny number of salesmen at any given time.

    I can’t believe no one was interested in building a walkable mixed use development with retail on the ground floor, services and professional offices on the second floor, artists, crafts people, and very light manufacturer’s (like a cabinet maker) on the third floor, and apartments on floors four and up in a location that is only steps from the train station. As it is an isolated piece of land, it would have been the perfect place for Doraville’s first and perhaps only signature high rise since it would not have interfered with the light or air space or the character of a surrounding, existing neighborhood.

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    That property is in Doraville, not Chamblee. Chamblee is experiencing a lot of revitalization right now along Peachtree Boulevard and surrounding neighborhoods. I would like to see the car dealerships pushed OTP into Norcross.

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    Naive Wendy, thinks the entire TOD will be trashed for a single soccer field. Wake up girl. Your dig at an entire neighborhood is childish.

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    Really? Did you just try to slam me for trying to get people to support this over a TOD? Goodness. Have a great Holiday. Maybe someone will give you something that makes you really happy. What a Debbie Downer!

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    That’s what I heard, this will be in addition to the existing plans for the TOD. Oh what fun it will be with a bunch of teenagers running around, not enough parking spaces for the MARTA patrons even with the empty store fronts and apartments.

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    B\'haven Birdie

    The old GM site will eventually end up as car lots, repair centers etc due to the fact the land is not developable as is – and the current owner cannot get adequate financing. The city leadership of Doraville have rezoned it for failure as mixed use at the request of the property owners. The Lunaville dream description above for this fantasy project was presented to the public so they could bait and switch to use tax money to pay for the car lot development abatements. There is a reason the new tax subsidized road inside that site will lead into Chamblee instead of Doraville..

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    Chamblee’s available unused parking is being developed into office/retail TOD.

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    It will still be legal he will just mandate that when we play Mexico our goalkeepers net will be slightly smaller so its harder for them to get a ball thru.

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