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    Rob Turner

    I would love to see a 30th condition of some more refined traffic flow solution at Caldwell/Dresden/Coosawattee & working with the state at Dresden/P’Tree. That Dresden traffic artery is already tight in the mornings/afternoons and this development will not alleviate that issue.

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    Robert from Drew Valley

    Lets make it 100 conditions! Betting none of them will be: Listen to the citizens who have busted their asses for months and months, done exactly what the city has asked them to do, attended meeting after meeting after meeting saying exactly the same thing.

    Think that will ever make it in to a Brookhaven list of conditions? Hell no!

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    Thomas Porter

    S T I L L. T O O D E N S E !
    35 units/acre max, drop the 5th story. Isn’t it terribly ironic that the City is proposing PC-2 zoning language limiting it to 30 units/acre while advocating approval of this development at 45 units/acre??? “Grasscrete” is open space? What’s next – plastic trees?
    I think the townhouse designer was Joseph Stalin – brutish!

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    Robert from Drew Valley

    Read again Porter. The city is advocating approval at 47.98 units per acre. Its unreal.

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    Susan P

    The project is a good project. The developer has gone way above and beyond. Our Ashford Park council rep John Park says its a good development and it meets the requirements. So why not approve it? It will raise property values and alleviate some of the traffic.

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    Riley OConnor

    Interesting that the subject of the brutalist architectural style keeps coming up. What was old is now new again:

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    How about NO MORE GD APARTMENTS! Enough already. Traffic on Dresden is awful. People are still speeding and blowing through the useless flashing cross walk signs. This will only add to the issue. There is no way to alleviate congestion on a 2 lane street, but some nice speed bumps would slow those texting A-holes down!

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    Marta TOD and this development will cripple what remains of the traffic situation in this city. The same traffic problem that was promised to be fixed when we voted for cityhood and never was. It seems to me there is little common sense/judgment and a complete lack of leadership when we can approve these huge developments and not even have a community director, assistant community director, or arborist. Let alone have a plan to deal with the increase in traffic and citizens. Who exactly is running Brookhaven?

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    The new Peyton Place

    Bwahhhhhh! Running Brookhaven? C4ND and Brookhaven Yes!

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    Sojourner Black

    Haaa Huh Huh Haaa! The city government runs this city. And the 10 people who complain on this website about this project will be the first in line for a nice new apartment or a fancy town home. Ha Ha!! The city is awesome and doing a great job. This is a great development and it will get built.

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    Thomas Porter

    John is a good guy, but, while Connolly is probably a good developer, PC-2 zoning is based only on a plan that ‘meets a need’. This plan meets no needs, and provides no miracles. Why bend over for it? The property value increase argument is BS, the traffic problems are not.

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    More apartments will raise our property values? Have you walked around those luxury apartment complexes nearby to see how they are looking up close just 2-3 post construction?

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    Lonnie Baer

    Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

    Looking forward to dining at Dixie Moon and enjoying the shoppes in Dresden Village. Just wish it could be built sooner. 20 months is a long time.

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    Eddie E.

    Why does adding a restaurant qualify as a reason to add a 5th story?

    What planet do these ‘rules’ come from?

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    OMG! You’re so right Lonnie – about nothing!

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    alan smithee

    What???!!! Are you serious or trying to be sarcastic?

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    What this plan needs is MORE apartments! Flood this forsaken city with as many apartments as possible so city council never again has to answer to homeowners, whose voting power will be reduced to nearly nothing.

    How convenient that the “conditions” exactly match what the developer is proposing. Who on city staff has been paid off?

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    We don’t let things like this happen in D1. Our D1 Angels take care of us. Suckers!

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    Two council seats up for grabs this year. Remind them you vote, show up in large numbers, have documentable arguments ready. Write your Mayor and Council ( – if you don’t you might want to call a real estate professional and sell while land value is up. This place will be hell if all
    of it gets approved and you will be taxed out of your homes while a the Dev Authority gets lots of money to play with and no one to answer to.

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    It seems to me that the worst threat to the our city’s wellness comes from the UNELECTED staff of Brookhaven

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    Root Cause

    Yes, but ELECTED officials put unelected staff in place. And ultimately ELECTED officials vote to formalize any bad advice made by the unelected staff.

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    This project would have made much better sense at the other end of Dresden @ Clairmont, maybe across the street from the upcoming Ractrac., where the need is for some new apartments and restaurants, walkability.
    Would have been much nicer to have this as buyers only, swanky townhomes & modern condos surrounded by greenspace, restaurants and cafes.
    ….sigh,..don’t city planners EVER want to be agents of ‘good growth’?

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    This is just god-awful. It seems nobody on Brookhaven staff cares anything about what the community has said ad nauseum at countless meetings. This plan is even worse than the previous version! Instead of LESSS density, it’s more. Instead of LESS height (cooridor canyon), it’s more. And glasscrete does NOT equal open space. It’s still a driveway. Everything about this revised plan is a slap in the face to the community from both the developer and city staff.

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    blind faith

    BUT RONNIE LOVES IT. You must be Hiz Honner, the MAYER

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