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    Tom Reilly

    Sounds like a viable option for Brookhaven’s past, present, and future.

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    What’s the hold up on the Overlay re-write process? The moratorium expires Feb. 19th, 2017. I trust we can select an appropriate consultant to hire without waiting on the dinosaurs with the BPCA to give their blessing. The Overlay re-write is what we need to then move on to the zoning re-write. No more band-aids. Let’s get the real work done.

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    How can the city staff recommend approving Dresden Village at 47 units/acre while proposing an ammendment to limit future development to 30 units/acres. That makes no sense…what gives?

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    I hope I’m wrong but this reads as let’s us approve Connolly and we will give you this amendment to make you feel like we are listening but don’t forget if the right developer ask for 120 units per acre we can approve a variance.

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    Pay Boone

    Way to sum it right on up Betty. This is exactly what they are doing. Exactly. Do they really think we are alll just stupid? Or is this just another way to run our faces in it?

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    Eric Robert

    It looks like they are putting part of the MARTA property into this 30 per acre density. Is this to accommodate a transition? Alternatively, why would you allow higher density all the way up Ashford Dunwoody past Town Brookhaven than on the MARTA Lot?

    The MARTA Lot should be the highest density and density should drop as you get further away from the station (where transit usage percentages also drop).

    This looks like Gwinnett Style zoning with high density strips along busy roads. Density configuration should be more circular with density being reduced from the center. Stretching Density along a corridor lends itself to car oriented development.

    The 30 unit Density limit should also apply to north of Town Brookhaven.

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    The Marta lot should be sold and adhere to same rules as the rest of us

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    Eric Robert

    they are adhering to the same rules.

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    Then why are they applying for variance?

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    Eric Robert

    Because the rules say they can apply for one. And based on the merits of the application Brookhaven can approve or deny the Variance as they can with the re-zoning request. But Variances and Rezoning requests are often given. That’s the whole point of having rezoning and variance process.

    Though I can see how some may want a Sams Club, an Arby’s or Burger King or Bojangles or other retail would be better here. Retail generates more car trips but the density would be lower Maybe we could get the McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and Waffle House to move to the Apple Valley side of the MARTA property so that we would have room to expand the North Druid Hills/Dresden/Peachtree Intersection to make it easier for the Gwinnettians to get home. .

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    As you point out, relying on density can be misleading. Development with sixty one bedroom apartments on an acre is 60/acre. Build the exact same building form but configure two bedroom apartments and you have 30 units/acre (or there about) Same number of cars, two bedroom probably 2 cars, 1 bedroom 1 car.

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    Thanks for making my point. Instead of getting business on privately owned land to move why dont we just forget this whole MARTA TOD mess? No one is on board with that development, no one except you. I understand you are a MARTA user, which is great,but that isn’t going to change with this new disaster and neither is ridership. You will still use it, no one else in Brookhaven will. It goes no where. I dont need to see the Hard Rock Cafe or East Point. I can drive there is 1/10 of the time if I want to go that bad and I dont have to be harassed and feel safe in my car. I drove past the Brookhaven station the other day and a Marta cop was at the far end of the parking lot, door open, laying down with feet on door? Good use of my tax increase. I do appreciate that after the started this fiasco the good folks at Marta decided to remove all the trash from the grounds and put new pine straw down. That action in itself should tell you everything you need to know about MARTA. This is all about personal bonuses Eric, not about making transportation better. See if you can find out who at MARTA get paid if this passes.

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