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    Thomas Porter

    “take it on faith from Staff there was ample public participation”
    Bunch of perfunctory public meetings up front… then… crickets.
    Now it’s approved by PC.
    Crap process, thanks City – especially Community Development.

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    Please tell me this zoning re write committee is out of date. When the character studies were started we were told that a person from each character area that participated in the studies would be part of the rewrite…. not the old group that brought us the overlay and 5 story apartments on Dresden!

    Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Steering Committee Steering Committee

    Stan Segal, Planning Commission Chair
    Jeff O’Connell, Zoning Board of Appeals
    Jack Honderd, Resident/Builder
    Richard Lauth, Attorney
    Alan Cablik, Builder/Developer
    Kevin Quirk, Attorney
    Alex Michaud, Resident
    Tim Nama, Builder/Developer
    Mike Busher, Builder/Developer
    Donnie Reed, Real Estate
    Keith Linch, Attorney

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    Just Curious

    Since you call it a ‘crap process’ why not enlighten us on how you would have run the process. It sounds like you have the answer.

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    Thomas Porter

    Make the initial meetings more significant in terms of gathering input, publish initial results, have a second round of (well publicized) hearings, publish results, hold preliminary meeting of Planning Commission to review, publish again, have a public discussion – then vote.
    In brief: do it as though you don’t know the outcome in advance and citizen’s opinions matter.

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    Just Curious

    I honestly thought that was what was done. I know they held two rounds of public meetings in each character area and I think the PC held two meetings on the study. The website had all the notes, etc So I don’t see the disconnect.

    I also heard that the outcome was a surprise because the citizens input controlled the result.

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