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    Tom Reilly

    Keep up the great work, Brookhaven!! They’ll also be some massive tree plantings on both sides of the lake on January 15th and 21st. The finished process should be enhancing our quality of life for years to come!!–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation Volunteer

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    Did You See the Sewer Map?

    Those trees should grow very well receiving the gifts from all of the cracked sewer manholes and pipes north of Murphy Candler Lake in the Oak Forest neighborhood.

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    What did these rocks and sod cost?

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    $3.50. Plus tip.

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    Eric Robert

    Ken, I agree. I would also like to see Brookhaven deal with stromwater by getting rid of curbing requirements and putting stormwater through properly vegetated areas. With the current stone and sod installation at Murphey Candler (which is nice) they fixed a storm drain that feeds into the park. The catch area is rip rap (rocks) would like to see them add vegetation to that area and close off some of the storm drain to allow some of the water to sit for 24 to 48 hours while it works its way into the ground. Would also like to see the Kittridge Drain work include these principles so that this runoff gets treated before ending up in Murphey Candler. With the reconstruction of 285 there should be inclusion of steps to mitigate all of the runoff from the highway that feeds into Murphey Candler. The new Marist parking lots were built without curbs.

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    Throw me a line

    Can I fish here?

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    Boat man

    Do you have a city fishing license?

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    Now if they can only stop the Geese from defecating all over the place and eating that expensive grass that will turn back to clay in one year because of it. Other than that, the new bridge looks nice and so does the wall.

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    Boat man

    Might want to lobby Brookhaven for a Canada geese hunting season, that’ll solve the problem.

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    Eddie E.

    Only problem is they have no use. They are too tough to eat. Nobody wants one on the mantle and aren’t suitable for reloction.

  11. 12

    Boat man

    Don’t be silly Eddie. That’s why you grind them up and make baked Canada loaf out of them.

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    Eric Robert

    Fishing licenses for man made ponds like this are silly. I applied for one on line, there is no educational component so why require it?

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    Boat man

    I want to be present when you explain that to your state rep, state senator and state DNR. Your state is all about their money and your city is too. Good luck!

    Isn’t Lake Lanier just a big man made pond? Just where do I go to get my refund!

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