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    Robert M.

    Has it ever been identified and made public just how many of the children that participate are actually from Brookhaven?

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    Marilyn S.

    They will ONLY pay $2800, $1600, and $5600 per year to use public property that we have little to no access to. Blah, blah, blah!
    Happy for the families and their children that can afford to pay. SUCKS for the rest of us! Politics intervenes AGAIN! I bet mayor and council were swooning all over them.

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    Huey Mahl

    Marilyn – take your hate to some organization that deserves it. I have been involved in those organizations in one way or another for the past 12 years. I can tell you from direct knowledge that no child has ever been turned away during that time due to an inability to pay. These organizations are 100% volunteer run and self-funding. Brookhaven is lucky to have these organizations and the thousands of volunteer hours it takes to run them.

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    40-65% are from outside of Brookhaven…guaranteed. Sucks the neighborhoods can’t use the fields, but they are balling at Murphy Candler.

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    Anyone can use the fields. Read the agreement. The fields are open almost year round and available to the public most days. No one is balling at Murphey Candler. They are non profit organizations run 100% by volunteers. Brookhaven residents make up roughly 50% registration

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    Robert M.

    Huey – Can you get us the numbers on how many of the children are from Brookhaven then?

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    Brookhaven Resident

    My daughter has played softball at MC Park for over 10 years and I’ve been on the board of directors for over 8 years – 5 of those as the treasurer.

    For those asking for the demographics data you are welcome to file an open records request through the city. All sports associations are required to share summarized (but anonymized) data with the city.

    I support everything Huey said and more. The softball association alone pumps more than $100,000 annually back into the local economy supporting businesses that provide critical services we need to run a top-notch softball program for girls in the area. Every board member, coach, and team parent is 100% volunteer. For the haters out there, when is the last time you donated several hundred hours back to local parks or to a 501c3 in your community in a given year?

    As for the “families and children that can afford to pay” we’ve never turned away a child who wants to play. Each year between 3-5% of our girls are on partial or full scholarships.

    Because Dekalb Co. created and shared the parks long before today’s city boundaries were created & took ownership there is a natural tendency for park users to travel across city boundaries to access a park meeting their needs.

    Do you want to turn away all the Dunwoody kids who play ball in Murphey Candler Park? Why build fences to keep our neighbors out? Dunwoody could just as easily say Brookhaven residents can’t use the facilities at Brook Run Park. Brookhaven doesn’t have any official dog parks and many Brookhaven residents take their dogs to Brook Run and we’ve used the playground there for years.

    The largest point to keep in mind is supporting the kids in our community – the kids are our future. They need an outlet where they can be active, build friendships, practice teamwork, and learn how to win & lose with humility. Neither Dekalb Co. nor the city of Brookhaven are willing to operate the program that we provide as volunteers and if the city attempted it they’d have to use more tax money or raise fees to pay for additional part-time and full-time employees.

    Who cares where the kids come from? These sports programs benefit all of the surrounding communities and that’s how it should be. Not allowing outside areas to play, charging them exorbitant out-of-city fees to play, or dismantling the sports associations will only short-change our children and our future.

    Not interested in sports? Great! Take advantage of the many acres of green space available in MC Park, Blackburn, and other local parks. There’s plenty of room for everyone to share…there’s just no room for haters.

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    Love MCLL and MCGSA. I am so fortunate to have kids that are interested in the programs. They are well run and me and my family are so glad that Brookhaven didn’t push us out.

    Thank you Brookhaven.

    – A

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    Ted Gordon

    Field #11 is still a general use field and open to all.

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    Eric Robert

    The agreement says that Field 11 (the passive field North of West Nancy Creek is part of the fields which the leagues have priority access to. Is this new? Its always been the common understanding that while the leagues could run some practices there it was supposed to be the field the public can use, because lets face it during the baseball season they are using them during the daylight hours after school and work and on weekends.
    Also, I believe we can’t charge DeKalb residents more money to participate in the leagues since the parks were basically given to Brookhaven by DeKalb, but they did use to charge Fulton and Gwinnett residents $25 extra. Why didn’t Brookhaven put anything into this.
    One final note, according to this the Brookhaven Crews we seeing working in the ball fields constantly are not being payed by the leagues because Brookhaven taxpayers pay for all maintenance of the grace outside the actual ball field and also for certain repairs and for cleaning the bathrooms. I am not saying that is a bad thing but its time people stop posting that everything is maintained by the leagues at no cost to taxpayers. But hey its great we are here to shoulder the load for Dunwoody since any mention of building an athletic field in Dunwoody gets shot down.

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    Eric Robert

    Ted see my comment per the agreement its included under the control of the leagues. This is new to me and I guess to you also.

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    Dunwoody shoots down building athletic fields in Dunwoody? There is a reason for that.

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    Ted Gordon

    It is a valid concern that the program could become too popular by out of area participants causing traffic and parking issues in the residential area. I don’t think it would hurt the program at all if Dunwoody expanded their athletic fields reducing the distance they have to drive. Of course it is cheaper for Dunwoody not to invest in athletic fields. I know many people in Dunwoody who wish they would invest more in athletic fields.

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