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    Much needed. The left hand turn lane will be useful. I thought i saw another plan that added lights at that intersection?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    The construction drawings I have seen do not show that, only the turn lane. Ill upload a photo I took last night of the latest construction drawing at the bottom of this post in a few. Thanks for reading The Post. – Trey

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    The Brookhaven Post

    It’s there now.

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    Councilman Mesa

    Thanks for attending last nights meeting and making people aware of this project. This project along with the improvement project already under way on Chamblee-Dunwoody the City of Chamblee will get a much needed aesthetic and functional improvement on those gateways.

    The Johnson Ferry project does not include a light at Keswick at this time. A separate traffic study needs to be performed in which certain DOT criteria must be met. A similar study was performed years ago and the criteria was not met at that time. The blind curve and distance from Peachtree Blvd were listed as other reasons given not to allow a light to be installed at that intersection, and unfortunately it’s not something City Council can over ride.

    While it would be nice to be proactive and get the light installed before the developments are finished I believe the best chance of meeting the study criteria will be after completion.


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    Thanks for the excellent coverage. We really count on you tracking these issues.

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    Leslie Parker

    The improvements are good but I don’t see anything about correcting the dangerous lane merge at Johnson Ferry and Ashford Dunwoody. Cars headed east illegally cut in at the tip of the merge (at traffic light) causing those of us in correct lane to slam on brakes (if we have time). Last week a driver next to me moved into my lane.m forcing me to move into the incoming lane to avoid collision. There is an easy fix – plastic lane barriers please help us. Thank you Leslie Parker.

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    Councilman Mesa

    The project mentioned in this article is located in Chamblee, and the one you mentioned is in Brookhaven so improvements at that intersection are in their jurisdiction.

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    So pleased this project is moving forward and excited to see these improvements from Chamblee.

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    It will still be very hard to make a left turn onto Johnson Ferry from Keswick without a traffic light at that corner. Some time it is hard to make a right turn onto J.F. Is something going to be done about that problem?

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    I agree. Very difficult at times to turn left off Keswick. Necessary to depend on the kindness of strangers in both directions.

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    Just for future reference, does the city post signage or contact affected residents for input? I own a home on Johnson Ferry and didn’t know anything about the project.

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    Councilman Mesa

    After looking into this it appears Jacobs Engineering met all the requirements for notification. Since the entire project occurs in the right of way not many of the typical notification triggers were in effect. It was on the City Council addenda several times through out the preliminary stages over the last 2 years. I have asked the City Manager to look into additional notification triggers to help improve communication with effected residents.

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