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    Thomas Porter

    Please deny request for deferral & their application. The whole thing feels oogey.

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    Eric Robert

    These large parking lots is where new development in Brookhaven should go.

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    Chad B.

    Over the last 3 weeks I have provided analysis on the DeKalb County Sanitary Sewer Testing and City of Brookhaven’s Storm Water Sewer Assessments through NextDoor. If you would like to see the analysis, one of your friends south of Lynwood Park will have it.

    Based on the enormous financial and public welfare responsibilities identified in that analysis, the rezoning approval of both MARTA TOD, the Conolly Development and any other high density development within North DeKalb would be irresponsible including but not limited to The Olmstead, Peachtree Crossing, Dunwoody Perimeter Development, etc. If sewer capacity approvals have been delivered, DeKalb County would be in violation of the EPA Consent Decree signed in 2010.

    DeKalb County currently does not have a capacity flow model for sanitary sewer. Based on the language of the EPA Consent Decree brought forth via a lawsuit from the State of Georgia and the United States of America, no sanitary sewer capacity approvals can be delivered until that model is created. That model cannot be formulated and calibrated until ALL stormwater infiltration is eliminated coming from the storm systems in Chamblee, Dunwoody, Doraville and Brookhaven. Not my words, the EPA consent decree’s.

    This is much bigger than tax digests, perceived relationships with developers or any other conspiracy theories out there. ALL of DeKalb County has a third world storm and sanitary sewer system. Our city leadership’s decision to deny both the MARTA TOD and Conolly rezoning decisions will be one of the most difficult, but responsible decisions they will ever have to make. I applaud them for taking on the responsibility. Good luck with your vote. I can’t imagine the dynamics going on behind the scenes.

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    Just Curious

    It seems to me you are making a legal argument that DeKalb is in violation if they are delivering sewer capacity letters. Why then aren’t you pursuing this through the court system. If you are as sure of your argument as it appears, then file suit to enjoin the County from action.

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    I have been made aware there have been more secret meetings between city officials and the developer Connolly. The citizens are about to get really screwed over. Ernst has to go and so does Park. So who is going to run against Park? Brookhaven is a crooked city government filled with crooked people.

    Message to Ernst — We will not forget you have lied to us and have chosen developer over your residents. You will not have a second term and Park is done.

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    Chad B.

    A lawsuit was brought from the State of Georgia and the United States of America in 2010. It is enforced by the EPA. DeKalb Conty has until the end of 2017, the last of a 5 year consent decree, to meet the requirements. Therefore, I didn’t have to spend my own money to bring the lawsuit. I stand on the side of the State and the United States.

    All correspondence was copied to DeKalb County Commissioners, Mayor and Council, the EPA Region 4 Enforcement Director and our new CEO, Michael Thurmond.

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    Just Curious

    If you stand on the side of the State and the United States then it appears that you need the court system to force these entities to fulfill their responsibilities.

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    I’ll reserve judgment on Mayor and City Council till we see what they actually do.

    I trust Park (D2) to do the right thing for his constituents. I suspect Mattison (D3) feels a strong sense of loyalty to Fritz Rybert (the owner of the Dixie Moon parcel that’s part of this assemblage, and who’s since been made a stakeholder by Connolly in the development of their townhomes); this may tip his vote.

    Jones (D1) and Gebbia (D4) are the two wild cards. Jones to me has been especially good about putting residents first, both in her district (D1) and elsewhere in the City, but I fear there’s been a lot of pressure heaped on both from up top – ie the Mayor – to approve this. It’s not hard to see the politics from their ends – this rezoning impacts D2-D3, not D1 or D4.

    We’re also talking about something that will eventually lead to the expansion of traffic through the Overlay south of Peachtree. How tempting it would be for Jones and Gebbia to think about parlaying a “yes” vote here for a future favor that helps keep this kind of intensity of development out of their respective home districts, while simultaneously assuring that Peachtree Rd traffic is diverted south away fm D1, through the Overlay, to Buford Hwy.

    The shame in any approval is that it will require disregard of the Comprehensive Plan, the Overlay zoning ordinance, the plain language of words and phrases in the ordinance, and Connolly monkeying with the PC’s procedural rules given that neither of their last two amended site plans were timely filed (the last
    one was dropped on the PC on the night of the hearing, and it appears the PC thought they were dealing with one filed 12/27/16 which was also not timely).

    These rules all of course exist for the benefit of the Brookhaven public. Whether the City’s matured enough such that they can survive backroom developer politics remains to be seen.

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    Chad B.

    Very well stated bldvl59. Although, either decision directly effects D4. Both storm and sanitary sewer from MARTA TOD and Conolly (Dresden Village) ultimately drain into Joe’s district. Both systems become continually worse towards the trunk lines flowing along the Peachtree Creek. The North Fork of Peachtree Creek was identified as a ‘Priority Area’ in not only the Consent Decree, but also the ongoing DC sanitary sewer assessments.

    Perhaps Joe’s constituents are not as active as many of us, but Joe does seem to ask tough, relevant questions. I trust the balance of our leadership will make the right decision.

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    chamblee has a council meeting same day to discuss their tod aswell maybe marta should just abandon brookhaven as a lost cause

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    Or …. our elected officials could be as responsive, considerate, negotiable, protective, willing,, open, representative of, and as available to the citizens as they are to the developers.

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    Where is city manager (who was removed from development decisions at his last job) on this topic? Is he part of the secret meetings? What role is he playing in this? I feel he and the mayor (Ernst turned out to be a wasted vote and and disappointment) are both too quiet on topic that will change Brookhaven for decades to come.

    I have heard very little about the man who is charge of the day to day in the city and that is very troubling unless there is a lot of action behind the scenes that we are not seeing. Which I am beginning to think is the case.

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    Marta isnt your elected officials though so they should prioritize what they can actually get done. Thus my reasoning for not doing the brookhaven tod.

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    Dennis S.

    Wouldn’t that be nice. After they are denied their rezoning request tomorrow night, citizens won’t have to bother with them for 2 years. My NextDoor thread will slow down and I can finally sell my house furniture.

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    and more lost cats will be found

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