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    Thomas Porter

    Great question! A pivotal decision for our leaders, and, one that will be difficult to recover from if they get it wrong.
    Half of the Council is up for election this year.

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    Political Shenanigans

    Well said Sherrie. Enough with the dishonesty Mayor and Council. Enough with the sneakyness Mayor and Council. You are still a Brookhaven resident and thinking you are better than us is insulting. If you want our little road Mr. Mayor and you want your parking lot Mr. Parks why dont you guys pool your resources and by it yourself.

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    They think they are smarter than us

    City leaders are indeed at a crossroads, but, you know they will side with the developers. I think Bates should take this as a way to help repair his relationship with his district and vote to deny Conley, Overlay BS and MARTA. Not approval or deferral Bates! Deny! Show us some guts!

    Get real. Look through the agenda pack and read all the letters and letters and letters in opposition. Expect some last minute attempt to confuse and present a miracle next week to further confuse the issue and further show city support for the developer and not the residents.

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    Asia James Dooley

    The Mayor and City Council are good people who are just really really confused at who they are versus who they think they need to be. I really don’t understand.


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    We don’t need to approve these projects. Deny them. Brookhaven will eventually attract smart growth developers who will respect our neighborhoods. We must wait for Dekalb County to upgrade sanitary sewer lines while Brookhaven Public Works Department repairs our storm water system. In the meantime, City Council and Mayor, do no harm.
    Brookhaven will survive until that work is done and zoning laws are re-written.

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    Johnny Dawkins

    Excellent call out! It shouldn’t be this difficult for the City Council to actually follow its own Comprehensive Plan, its own Overlay zoning ordinance, the plain language of its ordinance, nor to recognize just how much Connolly has had to monkey with the City’s procedural rules in sliding through multiple amended site plans without proper notice.

    That Connolly had to bushwhack everyone – including the PC – with a site plan different from even a previously late filed plan, plus parse the plain meaning of a word and reach for an obsolete legal definition on the night of the PC hearing – to try and gain approval of a project bigger than contemplated for Sub-area II of the Overlay which already has too many oversized developments, while falsely claiming that affected residents have given them a moving target, when they’ve made little effort to bring density into the 30s and stick to the 4-story height limit (without giving the quid pro quo of a sufficiently large open space) that most of us have been gunning for since this summer, should be telling.

    Whether the majority of the City Council can look past special interests that may benefit just a couple of them – Connolly and the Mayor are close, and D3 rep Mattison feels a strong sense of loyalty to Fritz Rybert (now a stakeholder in this rezoning) that may trump what his constituents think – and actually follow their own approved rules, which theoretically exist for the benefit of the City’s residents, remains to be seen.

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    Well said! The citizens have used data, the zoning code and comprehensive plan to point out all the ways these developments don’t fit and for some reason they don’t deny them to send a message to bring better options that fit. There is plenty of money to be made for developers who fit zoning and the comprehensive plan; but if the city doesn’t push back we get the same old requests to bend the rules or look the other way. I expect another last minute plan from Connolly that no one has a chance to review to keep everyone guessing…as though they couldn’t have made improvements in the last 6-9 months.

    To our city leaders…don’t be fooled again or bullied by lawyers! Take a stand with the citizens.

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    After reading this commentary it’s obvious to me whats going on. The rest of you may want to realistically contemplate the reasons for Brookhaven’s creation. Not what the sales team told you it would be, because clearly they were not truthful.

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    Eddie E.

    If we don’t keep the developers happy, they will show us and go find another area to invent a small, compliant government!

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    Considering the 4 figure campaign contribution to the mayor from the property owners and working down the hall from the developer… Can we rename Dresden to “Ernst Canyon Drive” if this passes.

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    Eric Robert

    I am not a developer, I live in Brookhaven and think the current proposal for the MARTA property which includes Class A office space, residential rental and ownership residential would be very positive for the city and provide the property density cap for which all surrounding density should decrease as it gets further from the Station Platform.

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    Eric, your comments reflect the common feeling of everyone in D1 regarding development in every city district other than our precious D1. To back up our unique to D1 development beliefs and insure we are never burdened with such things we have the D1 Angel. And he has the D1 council position to back him up.

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    Eric, your comments reflect the common feeling of everyone in D1 regarding development in every city district other than our precious D1. To back up our unique to D1 development beliefs and insure we are never burdened with such things we have the D1 Angel. And he has the D1 council position to back him up.

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    You are alone.

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    Jealousy is not a good look on you.

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    Interested Observer

    One begins to wonder when the D1 Angel will be removed from the Planning Commission because he continues to make Mayor and Council reverse his positions. They are taking political heat for his inconsistent interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance.

    Mayor and Council are ending their political futures based on his inconsistencies. He was put in place to protect them. He has done the opposite.

    The City will either be sued by the Developer for ‘taking’ or sued by the neighborhoods for the PC’s definition of contiguous (i.e. District 1 is contiguous with District 4 because they are in the same city, etc.)

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    Karen Dernavich

    Check out this presentation on density that was posted on Next Door this morning….. CLICK HERE

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    Matt Harrison

    Karen, Justin, TC, Jen, Robert, Dan and everyone else that has contributed to the citizens effort.

    Fantastic. Deny Dresden Village. This has gone on too long. Mayor and Council should not ignore this years long communication effort from their citizens. The Herculean effort of our neighbors will not be forgotten.

    See everyone tomorrow night at City Hall. It will be a watershed moment for our city leaders.

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    The D1 Angel will not be removed. My D1 neighbors will not allow it to happen. He insures D1 remains peaceful, tranquil and as development free as possible. That’s one reason he helped found Brookhaven. Besides he is a part of the protected ratty fence crew.

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    Eric Robert

    Saul it would be helpful if you could try to be accurate. D1 has the highest density area, Perimeter Summit. While I don’t support the tax abatement I support the new high rise office building going up and I supported the 2 rental residential developments that have been approved for the Perimeter Summit by Brookhaven because there is a severe shortage of residential units in the PCID area. And the density on this MARTA proposal has been lowered to well below Perimeter Summit levels.
    Bottom line the MARTA station should be the highest density in the Peachtree Corridor and the PCID area inside Brookhaven is also appropriate for higher density. This isn’t about favorites its about common sense growth that has the lowest impact on infrastructure and the environment.

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    Eric Robert

    Good presentation. I note the heatmap in Part 2 agrees with what I said. Denisty should be reduced as you move farther from the MARTA station platform.

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    At this point deferral of either project will be a political negative. MARTA is at the 9 month mark. Conolly is over a year. Developers keep shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic hoping city leadership will protect their maneuvers as reasonable. Conolly and Transwestern strategy of deferral for ‘more time to meet with resident demands’ is both arrogant and condescending.

    Deferral gets into the political season. Too late then. Avoid the rush. Deny both now.

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    Eric, yes, let’s be really accurate. That’s commercial property just inside the Perimeter. It’s NOT residential Dresden Drive. But don’t worry, D1 will get there Dresden development, the city is working towards it happening.

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    Eric Robert

    No Saul its commercial AND Multi Family. And 2 more Multi-Family complexes have been approved for this area. And all this abuts Low Density Single Family neighborhoods. And don’t forget about all the Multi Family that has gone in near the Johnson Ferry/Ash Dun intersection not to mention the multifamily complexes across from Blackburn and next to Marist. But I’m not sure why you need to make this into a Dist 1 vs. Dist 3 issue. After all I’m in agreement with the neighborhood’s powerpoint against the Connolly development – Brookhaven MARTA should be the high density spot and density should be reduced in the area as you move further from the MARTA platform. Or do you disagree with there presentation?

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    I had the experience of riding Marta this past Saturday and it once again proved to be a fail!!! No need for those details here, but the whole process of utilizing Marta as a means of transportation highlighted the most insulting part of “TOD,” and that is the “T” (Transit). Marta stations are not changing locations. Marta tracks are not moving. Marta is not capable of handling the job of transportation. They are in dire straits and need to make money. The real estate in Brookhaven is their mother-lode. DO NOT let Marta railroad (see what I did there?) this city. They want to make money while breaking the neighborhoods and streets. It only takes simple math (not rocket science) to see that the area simply cannot physically handle the additional traffic. The irony that a TRANSIT-oriented development is creating more traffic, not alleviating it, should also be a clue to SOMEONE! If allowed, this will be a disaster. There is no benefit to Brookhaven to overbuild a (relatively) small section of land. When I tell anyone that Marta wants a 6-story office building [not to mention, hotel, apartments, etc.], the immediate reaction is, “no way, how is that even possible?” So tell me Mr. Mayor and City Council, how is that even be possible? How to you plan to rationalize such a decision??

    Now onto Connolly……ABSOLUTELY NO 5th STORY. We have asked for NO MORE APARTMENTS, but I have been told, in no minced words, that ship has sailed. I refer back to a development meeting with Connolly, where Ronnie Mayer asked if we (the neighbors present) would rather see the big, white, million dollar townhomes like those at Peachtree & Club drive. YES, RONNIE, WE WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you ear me now????

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    Are you located in Brookhaven Fields? Brookhaven Heights? Ashford Park? Drew Valley?

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    Hunter Burke

    I have always known one on the Council is terribly corrupt & disreputable, I think another tries to be a good man but is easily swayed by his best friend in office, another just likes the idea of building things but is a dim bulb, the last is too far removed physically to care. The Mayor has lost sight of anything other than his unlikely political ambitions in a Republican state. I’ll remember this at the polls.

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    No Eric Robert, technically multi-family lots are still classified as commercial. They have a residential designation of some description on a commercial lot. I dont think the residents in the Dresden corridor want excessive commercial regardless of what it is. But in D1 we have the D1 Angel to save us from such development.

    It doesn’t matter what I think about what goes on in the three other districts. They are sacrificial geographical areas for the purpose of funding our D1 desires. That’s why we have the D1 Angel and they don’t. That’s why our city was set up the way it was by our founders. That’s why some of us can have ratty fences and others can’t.

  29. 29


    How does a question about where someone lives and their interest level in this project get “thumbs down”??!! It’s a QUESTION!!!! GEEZ!

  30. 30


    Saul has a ratty attitude and not a single clue.

  31. 31


    The multi family component abuts residential just like it does in D3.

  32. 32


    Yes Flubber, and many prefer not to have apartments or cheap townhome developments adjacent to their SF residential neighborhoods. You’ll have to take that up with them. We don’t have that issue in D1.

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    Eric Robert

    Saul? their are tons of apartments that abut single family in Dist 1. Including new apartments approved at Perimeter Summit which will abut single family.
    By the way MARTA lot does not abut Single Family.

  34. 34


    “Saul? their are tons of apartments that abut single family in Dist 1. Including new apartments approved at Perimeter Summit which will abut single family.”

    Eric, a very small amount compared to the rest of Brookhaven. Certainly not the tons of apartments as you describe.

    “By the way MARTA lot does not abut Single Family.”

    Eric, please check your facts. You are incorrect.

    Just a note, the D1 Angel and his city associates have struck once again. A commercial canyon on Dresden, a two lane road in a residential area. I am sure you are happy. Maybe Dresden can have a monorail after we once again pay for another monorail study.

  35. 35


    I’m feeling betrayed and bewildered about the City Council unanimously approving the over-sized overly- dense proposal by Connolly. Precedent is not an excuse to continue to build overly dense, inappropriate developments on Dresden Drive. This development will have a negative impact on our neighborhood. Hey developers, come on down! you can do anything you want in Brookhaven!

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