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    Toco Hills

    Thank you, Officer McDowell, for arresting this career criminal who has terrorized our neighborhood for decades. Special thanks to the judge for not setting bond. Mr. Goldberg’s mother bails him out every time he gets arrested. She does not care that he is a career criminal and a menace to society, however, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her since she is the main recipient of his abuse. The Brookhaven Police Department is a welcomed addition to DeKalb County. Thank you for your service.

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    Toco Hills

    Thanks to Officer McDowell and the entire Brookhaven Police Department for getting this criminal back off the streets. Special thanks to the judge for not setting bond. Please consider his lengthy criminal history in sentencing.

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    This is random but I’ve noticed this guy somewhat recently on Buford Highway near The Waffle House.

    I don’t usually pay that much attention to the vagrant or lower income men in that area but I noticed him because his mannerisms seemed “off”.

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    We will miss you, Michael

    Saul (his middle name) is a crackhead Heather, that’s why his mannerisms seemed “off”. He is our resident thief in the neighborhood (Toco Hills) and has been out of jail for about a year or more – a new record for him I think. Sounds like he may be going back to stay for a long time. Good riddance and thank you to Brookhaven PD for nailing this guy!

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