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    Eric Robert

    Does RoadWorx have a staging area in each city it has a contract in? Or is this a staging area for Brookhaven and other Cities they have contracts with? While a necessary evil, the new site hopefully will be more compact and laid out better to assure no damage to surrounding properties. Can this destroyed portion of the properties be spun off into a small commercial lot since its frontage is on Clairmont? Or was the transfer price and/or terms based on it being greenspace?

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    Eddie E.

    The area spoiled by crumbling roadworx is not for commercial use.

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    Ted Gordon

    The RoadWorx site could be cleaned up and turned into a gravel parking lot for public access to the Greenspace.

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    Uphold perpetuity clause – No parking lot. If one ounce of the property is even considered for development or capital improvements I will wish then they would have put the high school there as planned.

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    Eddie E.

    The parking lot already exists. Clearing the detritus out of it followed by remediation of the environmental damage (paid by the offender) and an area exists for access.
    Doesn’t affect the definition as it is already long spoiled.

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    Everyone forgets this:

    Brookhaven can justify paying 5.7 million for the 33 acre greenspace near PDK but won’t pay 1 million for 19 acres and instead is taking by force. Both are “greenspace”.

    So according to the city, one is worth $170,000 per acre and the other isn’t worth doing anything other than taking it through the legal process. It’s amazing that the city was willing to pay Dekalb over 3 TIMES what this property is asking and are just going to attempt to steal this guys property. Maybe he jacked up the price because he doesn’t want the city to own it!

    Well done Mayor Ernst. I can’t wait for you to be removed from your leaning ivory tower.

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    Well at least John Park got a park in his back yard like he set his sights on.

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