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    Tom Reilly

    Let me try to shed some extra light on this issue:
    1.] The current deadlock among the City of Brookhaven, Ashford glen, and Dunwoody Forest has kept this beautiful wooded area intact for years.
    2.] The city of Brookhaven doesn’t need our permission to buy this land.
    3.] Albert Einstein once said “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” All kinds of past theories are now simply being put into practice here.
    4.] There is no government conspiracy, bridge, parking lot, horde of drugged teenagers, mayhem or murder being contemplated for this area. There is some movement to construct a “Fence to nowhere” that would destroy the beauty of the woods for us all.
    5.] Deed restrictions are a simple safe, long-lasting way to make sure that the area stays separate and natural.
    6.] Listen/read/understand the viewpoints of your elected public servants. They must be doing SOMETHING right!!
    7.] Deception, disrespect, disruption have no place in zoning affairs. Breaking the deadlock to ensure this area’s future can only occur is we maturely discuss this issue. Your move.

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    Well said Tom!

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    We have purchased enough property. This city was not founded to buy and demolish homes and then let a vacant lot between two other parcels sit there while we pay for upkeep. I’m all for greenspace but this is a dumb idea

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    That is a beautiful lot offering wooded seclusion. It is ideal for a modern two story home with a flat roof decked for entertainment and balconies on the side and back providing an elevated, serene view of the woods and creek. A smart home builder would snap this property up in a minute. As I was told, sooner or later, this neighborhood will be ripe for redevelopment so might as well start with this lot.

    In doing so, the property would be in private hands and generating tax for the city (along with all of the other redeveloped lots). This would also prevent the city from building a bridge or parking lot giving outsiders access to the area bringing with it potential for criminals and druggies to hide in the woods. Plus it would be one less property the city has to spend tax dollars to maintain.

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    Not sure that I want the city to purchase that particular property, but the response from some of the residents borders on hysteria.

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    Saul, this is D1. Butt out.

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    Just because you have objections, I have to butt out? Next you’ll be telling me to move.

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    This is not a D3 issue. Please focus your obsessions on Dresden Drive development.

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    No reply wanted

    @Ellen – Dumbest comment to date. Our money gets spent citywide just like yours. A huge problem here in Brookhaven is that no one cares about anything citywide, it’s always just their back yard. Are you aware that Dist. 3 & 4 share a single residential lot as their park space? Do you know that there has been 7,080 feet of sidewalk built in Dist. 1 compared to 1,230′ in Dist. 2 and 750′ in Dist. 3? Rise Up People

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    Ellen, you should have more respect for a D1 resident. Remember, D1 controls all.

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    Consider The Source of Your Information

    It should PC-2. It’s next to single family residential and a one lane road. A big road could go between the concession stand and the locker room at Murphy Candler. The resulting cut thru road could then connect Ashford Dunwoody Road to Oak Forrest and Peachtree Road.. In return for the driveway thru the park, the developer could give the variance between the next door neighbor to the city. You know, ‘fair value land swap’.

    The developer could leave 25% of it green space by cleaning out the variance distance between the lot and Colt Field. That would result in a bonus 5th story for the apartments. Joe’s Grille is too far to walk so it could create a walkable/liveable setting with retail and restaurants on the first floor. The city could convince the developer to build a 6 story parking deck for future Murphy Candler Park growth.

    “It’s not zoned for that?” Are you serious? The city just allowed PC-2 zoning in an area specifically created to avoid PC-2 zoning.

    Be careful who you listen to. Linley Jones said of Terwillliger Papas- Solis Dresden, “I just don’t see how apartments fit here.” Then 3 months later voted to destroy the spirit of the Comprehensive Plan with a rezoning almost 50% bigger directly across the street using the arguments above.

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    Park space is not a zero sum game. If you want a park in your district, then get out there and identify a parcel and then lobby the council to purchase it and turn it into a park. That is what we are doing in D1 and if you tried it, you might find that it works. Or you can just sit around and gripe about as well as trying to prevent residents in other districts from preserving their greenspace.

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    Poor Ellen – If you would come out of your little bubble you would know that your nasty comment of advise has been going on for 4 years here. The way things work in Dist. 1 is NOT how they work in the other districts. All we get to do is keep sending our tax dollars to North Brookhaven. And, if you think that’s ok – SHAME ON YOU!

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    Again, Andy, stop complaining and be a part of the solution. Work with your neighbors as we have done, identify green space you would like to preserve in your district, and lobby council for the funding. Bitching and moaning on this site will not change anything. You didn’t even want the green space that you have recently gotten; all you did was accuse John Park of all kinds of misdeeds when he was keeping a campaign promise and delivered. It is really quite comical that all you do is criticize when someone does anything to enhance an existing park or purchase additional green space. You people deserve what you get when all you do is complain and/or cast aspersions on the efforts of others to preserve green space in their own districts.

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    They should buy this and just do a walking/biking connection trail. That would be great so kids can ride to the park. Done and done

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    Disgusted in Ashford PArk

    This is suspicious. Why would the city be interested in a single dilapidated lot in this locale/vicinity ? There are plenty to choose from. To preserve as “green space” ? Why this particular lot ? I smell a rat. Also – Look at Area-2 designation in Ashford Park along Apple Valley. I pity anyone that borders that area. That’s what they will go for next.

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    Disgusted in Ashford PArk

    Also, Another oddity in the Area 2 map is the non contiguous boundaries on the west side of Peachtree at Dresden. If walkability to MARTA and all that crap is so important and critical why not extend area 2 to the eastern edge of Capital City Country Club @ Brookhaven Dr. ? Yes. Yes. I already know the answer to that question.

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    @Flubber – Do you not comprehend English? We have identified areas, we have done petitions, we have asked for funding. FOR 4 YEARS NOW! I was a supporter of the new green space in Dist. 2. It’s a bit difficult to enhance an existing park WHEN WE HAVE NONE! “You people deserve what you get …… ” That says it all. Damn leech.

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    Prove it.

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    Eric Robert

    Someone keeps removing trees and clearing the land next to the gravel parking lot by the football field. This property is what abuts the private properties in question. You are not supposed to remove trees from the park or from a flood plain. You also aren’t supposed to allow private companies to store their debri and truck/equipment overnight on park property yet that is what Brookhaven is allowing to happen. A private deed is only effective if its enforced.

    I see a lot of good from this proposal but I also see a lot of risk.

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    Ted Gordon

    I trust the city to keep it Greenspace more so than a private developer.

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