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    Riley OConnor

    Thanks, Kim. Always interesting…..

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    Thank you. I’ve also heard, and have no idea from where, that cross keys also refers to intersections where roads cross at an angle, such as Johnson Ferry and Ashford Dunwoody

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    Riley OConnor

    As of this moment, my above comment about Kim Göcke’s little tidbit of local lore has an aggregate rating of -4, indicating popular disapproval. Fair enough, that’s the rules of how this game is played. But in a quiet moment, ask yourself: “why would anyone disapprove of someone thanking someone else for trying to do something nice?”

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    Karl, I wouldn’t worry about it. The rest of the 49,996 people in this little Peyton Place love you.

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    Thats an old picture, Blimpie went years ago.

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    Perhaps it’s generational but a lot of people interpret “Always interesting. . . . ” when written on the Internet as sarcasm or shade.

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    You are correct! This was taken before Blimpie’s burned in Sherman’s march to the sea. 🙂 … This is stock art from the Georgia Historical Society that was indeed taken many years ago. There probably was still a Blockbuster’s behind the camera, too.

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    Riley: It’s not you. It’s me. Thanks for the read and kind word. Regards to your bride.

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    Good point. I had not considered that and you’re right about the subtle use of false compliments on the web. It’s pecksniffian. As part of > 50 crowd and relatively naive, I took Riley at face value.

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    Thank you, Kim! It is nice to be reminded of our area’s history! So much of it is being bulldozed.

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    lolol their subs were better than subway though tbh but rip you will be missed blimpie

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