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    Eric Robert

    I am very disappointed that Brookhaven granted a variance for Set Back and then allowed them to cut down all those specimen Oaks along the back property line that abuts the Post Office parking lot. Race Track could have lived with a few less parking lots or some imagination could have been used that would have preserved these trees along the property line.

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    if a tree falls, but the arborist didn\'t see it

    From the approved agenda — CITY ARBORIST: Owner/developer will need to plant one tree per eight (8) parking spaces, and must apply the alternative compliance if unable to save 120 inches per acre due to existing conditions on the site, which per the submitted site plan, shows that no trees appear to be located on the subject property.

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    Be careful what you ask for...

    Hey, your in the city – concrete is all you need in Urban Villages.:

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    Why Eric, by now you are still disappointed in the actions of your Brookhaven city? Not following the details of our city direction based on our city government decisions very well are you. Odd for my D1 compadre to express such disappointment.

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    Saul – We will soon have a Whole Foods. They will stock healthy “Organic” Chocolate covered pork rinds !! This completes the gentrification circle. It is all a part of the agenda. Along with the Racetrac – good coffee ! Are you a member of the Exclusive “One Dollar Club” ?

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    Disgusted in Ashford Park

    I’ve posted for 6 years about the destruction of the tree canopy in Brookhaven. It’s a shame and the people that have promoted all of the destructive, short sighted development should have a guilty conscience – but they don’t. The almighty dollar guides their decisions. The only thing you can do is preserve what you have on the property you own. Fortunately I am able to preserve my view and privacy but only with the consent, good will and agreement of like minded neighbors that live near me.

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    Disgusted, the city can do as they like in regards to zoning and permitting. Look at all the greenspace and the tremendous geenway plan we have bought. Forget looking at any FAA rules in regards to development….Or is that the reason MARTA backed down in Brookhaven? There are restrictions within certain parameters of the runway.

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