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    Thank you for speaking out and for standing up for what is right.

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    Hunter Burke

    Isn’t that special Dr. Green!?! Stay out of politics, fix your schools and your county, you’ve got a lot of road to hoe before you should spend your time making statements.

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    Eric Robert

    Well said and a needed statement to reassure many of DeKalb’s students who are frightened and distracted from their school work due to the recent statements and actions by the President and his advisor Steve Bannon. Already fathers of U.S. Citizen children are being taken away from their families that and the threat of more to come takes its toll on children. Congress needs to pass a DAPA (Dream Act for Parents) program.

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    Eddie E.

    Wow, someone is touchy!

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    If he only that amount of passion for fixing schools and staff

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    Sally Forth

    Dud thise teachers ger due oricess? Were they able to confront their accusers? Was it he said, she said or is there hard proof of threats? Pretty serious to divest people of their careers for innuendo and gossip otherwise. Not very American.

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    Failing to understand the appropriateness, even necessity, of Dr. Green’s statement demonstrate our blindspots. Any marginalized individual instinctively appreciates the value of his statement as the executive leader of the DeKalb School system.

    Parents know that children do not miss much in terms of messaging and signals from the world at large. The amount of communication and open political fighting going on with the topics of immigrant, refugees and other marginalized residents in our community has reached a fever pitch during the past year.

    With the ascendency of the Trump administration and its continued rhetoric that inspires distrust and fear among immigrant and refugee communities we should not be surprised that anxiety among children is on the rise. They worry about their parents. They worry about relatives who they may never see again. They worry about their future. They worry about being bullied for being “un-American.”

    The political dialog has become so hostile some parents fear sending their kids to school. The level of hate speech and open bigotry towards minorities, in general, and first generation children, especially of Islamic faith, has been undermining our school environments. The unfortunate case of the CKHS teachers referenced above is just one symptom of a much larger problem of trust.

    If families do not trust their educators, that creates a fundamental obstacle to education. I applaud Dr. Green for exhibiting proactive leadership on this topic.

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    They had full due process. They were not divested of their careers. They chose to resign their jobs when facing the reality. They are eligible to be rehired anywhere, including DeKalb County. The administration is right to expect educators to be non-threatening to children in their care. This is not a high bar.

    If upon the forty-fourth Presidential election an educator had said something like this to a group of children well-known for their Christian faith: “Ha! Pray to Jesus all you want but now that we have a Muslim President you Christians will all be banned under sharia law. Submit or die!,” should such language have led to a similar outcome? I would hope so.

    When I was in the fourth grade in Fulton Co public our teacher used to “threaten” students who misbehaved with taking us down to “Track 29” and laying our hard heads on the rails. We all knew she was kidding. Threatening kids or their families about a very real threat of persecution and/or deportation might be realistic. It is also hateful and a violation of the fundamental and sacred contract with families they serve.

    Dr. Green wants our classrooms to be focused on educating, not humiliating children. We are lucky to have such a leader.

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    I wonder if he had that policy in effect during the 8 years of Obama that you couldn’t say a positive thing about Obama?

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