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    Whoo Hoo! The swim team can’t even dive in our pool BUT, we get new valves and a filter. I might as well just drive my money up to Dist. 1

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    I knew before even opening this that some jealous D3-4 person would start griping about this.

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    Glad to see these improvements to our city pools!

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    Joe P

    Why do you think that is?

  5. 5


    Because everyone knows D1 RULES!

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    Drowning in paperwork

    Replacing valves is a few hour task. Why has the city not just completed this? Just call a plumber and be done with it. Spent more time developing an RFP and reviewing bids than it would actually take to replace the valves.
    Seems to be an ongoing effort to study, review, develop consultant reports, form working groups, and otherwise piddle around. At some point you gotta just Get-e-Done.

  7. 7


    Because there are a lot of whiners in d3-4

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    Obviously you didn’t read the entire post about the additional items that are being done such as the sand blast and plaster work to be done at MCP as well as lots of other more time consuming tasks. This was most likely done in a package deal for off season work under a capital improvement plan. At least the city wants to actually improve things around the town compared to the way Dekalb neglected everything

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