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    Pretty simple, concrete median with a lighted/signalled crosswalk. Anything other concrete won’t stop the lazy from crossing wherever they want or folks doing a U-eee out of WalMart.

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    Benton Stark

    A pedestrian bridge would be really nice to have (in addition to some kind of barrier). Cost would be high sadly but it still would be great to have one.

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    Joe Gebbia’s Brookhaven-Chamblee-Doraville-Dunwoody intercity monorail with a Walmart station could resolve the problem too.

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    The unusual feature here is the fencing (look at one of the median detail drawings to see the type). That is meant to prevent illegal mid-block pedestrian crossings. That and the planned landscaping make this a fairly elaborate median.

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    Dean this is not a D 3-4 issue. Quiet. Take your hostility to a Dresden Drive development thread:

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    Flubber what do you have against intercity monorail systems?

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    Tisa Moore

    In response to the comments below and on Nextdoor, there will be a three-foot decorative iron fence installed similar to the one (just smaller) that is being put in on Peachtree Road. It will be mounted on top of the decorative curb. This will address people crossing the road, and the project will comply with GDOT mandates.

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    Eric Robert

    Is Chamblee really not going to put a mid-block crosswalk between the traffic lights at the East Walmart entrance and the traffic lights on Peachtree? That is a huge design flaw if true and very unfriendly for pedestrians. I expect this type of design mentality from GDOT but not from Chamblee.

    They really need a pedestrian croswalk at pedestrian entrance between the Mattress Firm and Sally’s Beauty Supply so that those in the Olmstead Development have a more direct route to the stores in the WalMart area.

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    Complying with gdot mandates? You mean like increasing the speed limit on ashford dunwoody?

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