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    Eric Robert

    Brookhaven should host large festivals at Brookhaven Park since Brookhaven Park is:
    1. On a multi lane road
    2. Walkable from a MARTA Train Station
    3. More centrally located to all Brookhaven Residents.

  2. 2


    But what about the cherry trees?

  3. 3


    Wait about 5 years and those cherry trees will be amazing!

  4. 4


    If those trees survive. These varieties of cherry trees are notoriously poor performers without regular watering and subject to bugs and desease unless sprayed. It’s doubtful they will receive the care they require. I’d be surprised if they make it to ten years.

  5. 5

    Eddie E.

    Or dead.

  6. 6

    MC resident

    One of my favorite events of the year. !!

  7. 7


    I have seen many cherry trees in our area just like those that have been blooming prolifically for 25 years or more and still going strong.

  8. 9

    Eddie E.

    Can this be the last one and replace it with something that actually grows here without expensive tending, like maybe Kudzu?

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