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    Congratulations to Brookhaven’s Marist War Eagle girls swim team for their 3-peat at state. Congrats to the neighboring Chamblee Bulldog teams!

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    And Chamblee’s own St Pius X Dive & Swim boys won state! And the girls cam in 7th! And if you combine their scores they beat all other teams in the state! And Chamblee would be 2nd!

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Please tell the schools to start sharing these with us.

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    Are these schools Brookhaven schools? What about Brookhaven Academy? That’s our school!

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    The Brookhaven Post

    We have published BIA stuff too. And we also cover Chamblee and some Doraville. And will continue to do so.

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    Riley OConnor

    Besides, the local teams are doing better than the national ones…….

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    Why not?

    @Why – They are closer to Brookhaven and in the same county at least. The BIA is in Norcross.
    Congratulations to ALL of the students! Job well done!

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    That would be Norcross Innovation Academy.

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    How exciting for all of these student-athletes!

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