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    Another reason to have faith in DeKalb! Spend millions on 2 trials, get conviction overturned due to DA stupidity, then give up. Where’s the part where DeKalb is supposed to be getting better???

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    Eddie E.

    This decision isn’t likely to sit well with the DDPL (Dunwoody Democrat Persecution League).
    Too bad the same attention wasn’t focused on ensuring Elaine Boyer got a much longer sentence!

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    DeKalb is trying their best to keep up with Brookhaven.

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    tom doolittle

    Time for Ellis to explain what’s really going on ’round here–assuming he’s willing to live his own life from now on. Effectively makes up half of the chapters in a book about post-2000 DeKalb.
    Then someone can write about pre and post 1980.

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    The poltics of prosecuting a county CEO . . .

    Were I Ms. Boston, I wouldn’t prosecute either – for reasons having to do with cost, the fact that Ellis has now been punished, and that the point of all this – that corruption will no longer be tolerated in DeKalb even at the top – has been made at the expense of her predecessor.

    The DA who originally prosecuted Ellis angered a huge segment of DeKalb voters who’d previously supported both him and Ellis, to the point all of the Ellis supporters jumped ship and voted for Ms. Boston instead. Doing his job literally cost the prior DA re-election.

    But Ellis had to face the music – per the Supreme Court, there’s no doubt he perjured himself and abused his office – and we are fortunate we at least got to pick from two high character DAs last November.

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