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    Did he say why?

  2. 2


    Doesn’t feel good at all.

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    I met Megan for the first time last week at the DeKalb Delegation luncheon and found her to be quite charming. Other new house Rep’s were present and all have received their committee assignments. We were all rookies once and I think she deserves a fair opportunity to show her best representing her District.

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    Eddie E.

    Apparently the Governor isn’t aware of where Marta Stations are located or he might realize that 2 are in Rep. Scott Holcomb’s district (H-81)!

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    You mean like her very, very long history of tweeting hateful nastiness?

    And loudly supporting hatemongers?

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    Brookhaven Ballot Committee

    Hi Meagan. Remember me? Remember how you went after private well respected citizens with your lies and alternative facts? Well I haven’t forgotten.

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    Apparently the Governor does know that 4 Marta Stations are located in Rep. Hanson’s district though…

  8. 9


    one station IS in dist.80.

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    The election is over(some don’t realize that on the National level yet)and my comment awaits further review; however thus far Megan has taken a diligent approach to learning her job of representing her District….she would probably admit that there is a lot to learn!

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    Eddie E.

    I hope the majority caucus has very informative coloring books.

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    Eddie E.

    New to math?

  12. 13


    And FOUR are in District 81. We don’t need Meeeeeeeeeeegan influencing anything.

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    But Eddie, we do. She is going to solve all of our traffic problems. Did you miss her campaign commercials? I can’t wait!

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    Cute retort, but you should look at a map before posting next time.

    4 train stations in HD 80. Brookhaven, Medical Center, North Springs, Sandy Springs.

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