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    Proud Chamblee resident

    Another reason to avoid North Druid Hills Road because of the traffic. Do any of the developers think about traffic consequences related to these projects?

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    How does anyone complain about a non profit hospital for children? Sad.

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    Nice move by CHOA. I bet our illustrious leaders didn’t see this one coming. So much for the “special tax district” ever doing more than covering it’s costs. If only the mayor and council would look out for their citizens the way Galloway looks out for his client. Genius move!

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    More importantly, CHOA is big business. Pay $800 to glue a one half inch brow cut for a 2 hour’s visit and you’ll get it. Yes, they do good work, but at what real cost to the community?

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    He’s not complaining about the hospital.

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    I would much rather see developments like this than apartments, condos, or hotels/motels that will be dated (among other things) in a few years.

    I don’t like traffic any more than the next person, but if I’m going to have to deal traffic regardless I’m glad it’s- in this case- likely improving safety as well as local restaurant quality.

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    “Improved restaurant quality” always follows a hospital. I will wait patiently (or not) for documentation of this ridiculous claim.

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    I never said “always”- that is twisting my words.

    What is common is people going out to lunch or for an after drink cocktail or grabbing dinner to go near their place of business.

    For a nearby example- you often see the parking lot packed (with nice cars- thought I’d add that before it gets twisted too) at places like The Rusty Nail and the Havana sandwich shop.

    I don’t count cars but from driving by it appears the new Skyland Trail facility is now helping-not hurting restaurant business.

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    Politics as usual?

    This was on Nextdoor concerning why the city has hired a lobbyist to assist in securing Opportunity Zones in Brookhaven. The CHOA part caught my attention.

    Found this:
    Looks like the Buford Highway mention is only the cover for the real plans. The rich will always get richer while the little guy gets pushed out.

    Below is a video from the city website from 10/14/2014 regular city council meeting. Mr. Young explains Opportunity Zones starting at Marker 56:00 +/- The city approved resolution RES-2014-10-01. If I remember correctly CHOA, the then Executive Park, and parts of Peachtree Road are also eligible. I am not aware as to why the previous efforts concerning this matter were not completed at that time.

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    Asha Jenkins

    Damn right. These guy should are all in cahoots. Politics over people.

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    Tax and Spend

    The City Council created an opportunity zone around the hospital quadrant in 2014. Now the $2500-3500 per job tax credit will triple. The employees will come from the Dunwoody and Sandy Springs locations. They get the jobs. Brookhaven will get the I-85 parking lot.

    The tables have turned. District 1 will begin to pay for the development in District 4.

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    Is everything on this site non –taxable and totally tax abated for the County, City and DeKalb Schools? Is the old Tax Allocation District on this site still valid, County just gave a $180M tax abatement in Doraville…..should the taxpayers hold on to their wallet. Again, not complaining about the project. Someone help me understand the tax implications of this project!

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