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    Vetching to start in 3…2…1…

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    Brian S.

    It always makes me laugh when the mayor talks about promises made to the citizens. Especially when he says that less than 15% of the population even cared about greenspace per his poll.

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    How about relocating that RoadWorx staging area to the front yard of city hall? Just maximising unused land for a good purpose.

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    Eddie E.

    Murphy-Candler has always seemed like an appropriate location for Crumbling Roadworx.

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    Still dont think Brookhaven should have paid for this. Its county land. Residents already paid for it with county taxes.

    And I doubt Brookhaven would pay $5.7mm for this without some plans monetize it. Is there a commitment to keep it greenspace?

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    Mark my words

    I’m sure there will be a parking lot, bathrooms, pavillions, 10′ wide concrete multi-use trails, a playground, dog areas, an “education” amphitheater, big ass branding sign on it, a dedication to name it along with the ribbon cutting and photo op in no time. They’ll find a way to circumvent any thing that may require it to be green space only. Snooty Brookhaven will make it all shiny and new because money grows on trees here.

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    Leadership under the watchful eye of Christian Sigman and John Ernst…..

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    John Park is a genius. Got exactly what he wanted and made the taxpayer foot the bill.

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    It must remain greenspace (hence the talk of future “passive” use) with “no development on the land.”

    According to the City: “… part of the purchase agreement between the county and the city includes the promise of no development on the land . . . any development, such as a school, would make the agreement null and void.”


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    Good for them! And paying $500K less is good for us too.

    Also, the use of conservation-focused funding further ensures that the greenspace will remain “green.” Now if a bad developer were to somehow sneak in they wouldn’t just be facing angry villagers wielding pitchforks – they’d also be facing angry agencies wielding lawyers.

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    Eddie E.

    For everyone carping, take a moment to calculate the total downstream flood remediation costs spent and still pending.

    As for the cost, it should have been half, but the Airport Director and the AAB finagled a second, entirely unnecessary appraisal to chase off the city.

    Unfortunately, every penny generated by the sale goes directly to THE AIRPORT by the operating contract with the FAA.

    Reading is fundamental.

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    Debra K.

    The payment is an FAA requirement and the money goes straight to PDK Airport not into the County’s general funds.

    The GEFA loan comes with a permanent conservation easement that will protect the land as passive greenspace.

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    Black Lagoon

    It’s very telling that Brookhaven could have used the same funds to repair and replace sewer and stormwater control projects, but didn’t. What good will it do to have this protected land while sewage spills into the creek? Apparently the counsel still doesn’t hear their constituents cries in regards to sewage and runoff infrastructure.

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    Eddie E.

    Aren’t sanitary sewers a County responsibility?

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    From the real mayer
    Will the two john boys grow up and run the city like a businesss and put the John Lewis School on Clairmont road frontage with ecological classes in the back of the school in the park and then do not tear down the Skyland school or mess with Skyland Park. Bring Brookhaven Academy to Skyland School and this will keep all the school buses off Dresden in the Am and Pm. Please do not tear down a good school building…. Remember boys it is schools that make a city great not green space with no eight foot fence around it for safety reasons.
    Wake up voters of BROOKHAVEN with kids.

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    Black Lagoon

    So, the answer is crap there, don’t care? Perhaps the city could work with the county to improve infrastructure in an area over 50 years old instead of repairing the same areas repeatedly. I guess you don’t mind the sewage overflow? Every time it rains we have a bubbling pool. It’s a waste of our tax dollars no matter who is ultimately responsible. It was also a big concern when talks were on the table for the MARTA project. I am spending over $400 a year in a non-flood plain for flood insurance for a good reason. That is money that won’t go back into the local economy. How does your area look considering the maps don’t account for global warming and poor infrastructure? You can also take note that Buford Dam is older than Oroville Dam.
    I know for a fact that the maps don’t come close to showing past flooding issues in Brookhaven. I’m considering a move to the Norris Lake area since earthquake insurance is half the cost of flood insurance and the infrastructure is on septic which is something I have control over. Atlanta had to raise taxes in order to address the problems when they got tired of sink holes. Being at the mercy of DeKalb County with a city counsel not willing to address the issue doesn’t give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

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    Eddie E.

    The City isn’t a business, isn’t supposed to be a business, never will be a business.
    The City has a responsibility to provide services to Citizens and charge the fees necessary to fund those services.
    Putting any school that close to an airport is madness.
    The John Lewis school construction is a settled issue.
    Protecting the top of the watershed IS a responsibility for local government and I for one am very glad the City has stepped up to accept their responsibility.

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    Eddie E.

    Chad, I really can’t follow your rant.
    Maybe you should draw some lines or let us know what it is you are griping about.

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